About me…

Well, this is all about my guide dog pups!!! Yay! Guide Dogs for the Blind has become a huge part of my life over the past few years…

I first saw a guide dog puppy at my brother’s sports event, and really wanted to raise one. After going to meetings and working with other raisers, my parents decided to let me raise a guide dog. But ONLY ONE. 😀


My first puppy was “Arturo” YLM born to Kentucky and Carmela on 5/6/05 (siblings: Armand, Anton, Arby, America, Angorra, Augusta, Antonia). I raised him the full year and a half. He was brilliant, but very dog distracted. I loved him so much, and he finally got over the dog distraction enough to be recalled in November ’06. Durning phase 1, they discovered he had cataracts, and was dropped from the program.

In December after Arturo was recalled, I found out that they needed starter raisers badly!! So after some persuading that raising a starter pup is just like a long puppy-sit (we had become puppy sitters in the lull) I recieved MYL “Lawrence”


(siblings: Lassitar, Lester, Lorenzo, Landon, Lindy, Louisa, Lourdes) on the January ’07 puppy truck. He immediately grabbed everyone’s heart. After working with him for a few weeks, my parents decided I could finish raising him for the year and a half. Sadly, by the time I was able to tell my leader,  little Lawrie Boy had been promised to another family. So we transferred him at the end of January. I was very sad to see him go, but he’s now in advanced training (Boring, OR campus) in phase 1. Go Lawrence!!!

Well, I continued that spring and summer as a puppy-sitter. One of the dogs in our club who had come up with “Lawrence” on the puppy truck, lived in a family who traveled a lot. This puppy, “Flynn”, became half my puppy. I practically co-raised him, although not officially. He came to my house usually every month for 1-2 weeks. Sadly, he was career changed in December ’07 for dog distraction.

Then, in November, the cry went out for starter raisers again. So my parents again agreed, and we welcomed FYL “Pomona” into our home.


(siblings: Patsy, Palisaides, Pretzel, and others unknown)This puppy I was supposed to have for 1-2 months instead of just one. I was very excited to have my first female!!! “Pomona” was a very very challenging puppy. She was very headstrong, and barked like nothing else!!! After a little over a month, we had to transfer her because she was just too much for a junior in highschool who works part-time to deal with. She was transferred to a leader family nearby. After a week or two with her, they decided she was too difficult for even them (!) and she went to the Boring, OR campus to be professionally evaluated. Currently, she’s living in a co-raising situation in OR.

So now I’m back to puppy-sitting. Little Miss Pomona spoiled my chance of getting another starter puppy. I kind of like being a puppy sitter, though. Instead of having both hands (Arturo) or one hand (Lawrence and Pomona) in the life of a puppy, you have fingerprints on dozens. Although I do miss raising my own puppy a lot!!!! I’m hoping to get another pup full-time once I graduate, but we’ll see.

I’ll post updates and pictures on my various dogs as they come and visit me. I know I’m having “Fantine” in May.


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