Pomona has been found!

No, she wasn’t lost, but I lost track of her after her 2nd home, then her behavioral testing at the GDB campus, and then her time with a CFR in OR, and now I’ve found her again!!

Hopefully the girl who knows her (she’s in the same club) will send some pictures so that I can post them…I’m really happy to know where she is…I miss her a lot!!!

And for all of my blog readers, do any of you know a pup who might be one of Pomona’s siblings? Her b-day and parents are on the right side of the page… pleaaaase let me know!! Thanks bunches!!


4 Responses

  1. One of Pamona’s brothers is a MYL named Powell. There were six in the litter two boys, four females. 😉 I’m not sure about the other siblings though.

  2. I believe MYL Powell is one of her siblings? He’s being raised in the other Sacramento group, Puppies With Promise. I haven’t seen him since he was about maybe 4 months old, but he’s out there! I’d talk to Molly, he’s in her group.

  3. Oh thank you guys!!! It’s been driving me crazy not to know the rest of them!!! I know:
    and now Powell


  4. Here are the names/colors/genders of all the puppies in the litter:

    Porter, yellow LAB M

    Powell yellow LAB M

    Palisades black LAB F

    Patsy yellow LAB F

    Pretzel yellow LAB F

    Pomona yellow LAB F

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