You Know you’re a puppy raiser when…

GDB linked this in their newsletter…it’s SO true though!!!! Thanks for posting it, Kelsey!!

You know you’re a puppy raiser if,
You’ve ever stepped on a nylabone with bare feet in the middle of the night.
You’ve ever cleaned up dog poop in the middle of school, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, etc.
You’ve cleaned out a dog crate at two in the morning because someone had an accident.
One of your favorite smells in the world is puppy breath.
Your hand feels empty without a leash in it.
You’ve ever walked around a department store for 15 minutes looking for the elevator because you can’t take the escalator.
You’ve ever cried because your dog goes off to college.
You’ve ever slept in a sleeping bag with a dog.
You’ve ever given a puppy hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting because they swallowed something they shouldn’t have.
You’ve ever refrained from chewing out someone because they feel sorry for your dog.
You’ve ever had a puppy pee on your shirt. 
Your leg feels bare without a leather leash laying across it.
Your hands have ever been sore because of puppy teeth.
You’ve never let your dog play with a tennis ball.
You’ve ever cried because your dog did not make it as a guide.
You’ve ever smiled because your dog did not make it as a guide.
You’ve ever thrown a water bottle at a dog crate because your puppy was whining at three in the morning, after you took him out. 
You’ve ever been told by the checker at the grocery store that you’re doing a wonderful thing, that she could never do. 
The thing you look forward to the most is going to your dog’s graduation.
You’ve ever had an awesome time playing tug of war.
The first living thing you see in the morning is a wagging puppy bursting out of their crate.
You’ve ever fed a puppy at school or work.
You’ve ever gone to the bathroom in public with a dog in your stall.
You’ve ever had your waitress look under your table and say “Oh look, I didn’t know there was a dog there!”
You’ve ever made a gourmet meal of pepto bismol and rice.
Your best friend and most frequent companion has four legs. 
Your dad has found poop bags in his swim trunks.
You’ve ever taken a picture of a dog on a bus.
When talking to your distant relatives, their first question is always “So how are the dogs doing?”
You’ve ever pushed an eight week old puppy in a shopping cart.
You know the exact date your dog was born, their sibling’s names, and what day you got them.
You’ve ever walked a dog while wearing high heels and a cocktail dress.
You’ve seen dozens of movies at the theater with your dog.
With every load of laundry, at least two poop bags come out of your jeans.
More than four people a week ask you how old your dog is.
You’ve seen a “No Dogs Allowed” sign, and not hesitated entering with your dog by your side.
You didn’t name your dog.
You’ve met some of your best friends through your dog.
You cannot count the number of times a child has screamed after you “Mommy look a doggy!”.
The most important lessons you’ve ever learned have come from your dog.
 During ever meal you usually find at least one dog hair in your food.
Your car has an incredible amount of dog hair in the passenger and back seats.
Added by the readers:
~You have ever spent 20 minutes outside in the snow trying to get your puppy to go at 7 in the morning.
~You have never slipped food scraps under the table.
~With the first mention of a trip, you try to think of a good puppy raiser.
~You’ve used your dog as a pillow.
~If you spend most of your time on the floor to be close to your dog.
– If more people know you by your dog’s name then yours
– If whenever you are out without your dog, the first thing that comes out of other peole’s mouths is “Where is your dog”.
when you know where to get the best buys on Nylabones.when nylabones/jolly balls are on sale you stock up.

when at least one person asks “are you blind?”

you’ve been stalked in Target by a small child.

you’ve given up either your favorite pillow or blanket (or both) so the new pup will have something sleep on. (ignoring the fact that your dog owns two costco beds)

you can describe your dogs poop schedule

Your dog has better manners than most children~ When no outfit is complete without dog hair.~ When you consider knitting a sweater out of all the dog hair you collect around the house.

~ When your siblings consider themselves your dogs aunts and uncles and your parents refer to themselves as thier grandparents.

-You’ve gone places just so you can take pictures for your puppy’s scrapbook-You own every shape made of nylabones

-You think a dog relieving on pavement is normal

-You sign e-mail with your puppy’s name after yours

~When you leave the house and you have dog hair all over you
– you decide never to wear black because it is too easy for your dog to turn it white!-You say “lets go” whenever you start walking, whether or not you have your dog with you.

-You say “excuse us” instead of “excuse me” because you are so used to having the dog by your side!

if you’ve been in class and your dog started making the puky noises so you ran out into the hall and found the nearest garbage can and held your dogs head in the garbage until they puked 😉 (not that I’ve ever done such things…)
When you pull clean jeans out of the laundry only to find soggy treats/kibble in the pocket
-Always have clean up supplies in your purse,bag,pocket etc…-Your refer to your puppy as your baby.

-Have had people give you funny looks because they can’t see who you are talking too.

-Get excited about puppy meetings

You think nothing of it when you have to buy desatin for your poor puppy who has had runny stools for weeks.Your car doesn’t smell just like dog, but like puppy accidents (I’ve had two puppies urinate in the back of my suv).

“Grandchildren” at 21 is one of the most exciting things you can imagine. Especially if one of them comes to live with you.

When your younger siblings check out the newly released cds on payday, you check out the new grooming materials (how I want a furminator).

You’ll pay several hundred dollars more for an airline that will allow your dog to fly too.

Christmas isn’t Christmas without your puppy.

Here’s to all of you fellow puppy raisers out there. You are truly amazing. 

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reference!! Awesome blog you have here, hope you don’t mind if I link to you. 🙂

  2. I’d love to have you post to my blog. I just started it the other day, so I’m hoping to get it out there eventually. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    My name is MeKalea and I raise puppies gor Guiding Eyes for the Blind. Welcome to the blogging world! You have a really nice blog started! I look forward to hearing more stories! May I link to your blog?

  4. Hi MeKaela! I’d love it if you’d link to my site. I’ll add you to my slowly but surely increasing list, too. 🙂

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