My famous pups…

I have literally thousands of pictures of my babies–especially Arturo. So the boys will get to be part of a new service dog foundation’s web page!!! They’ll be national celebrities! 🙂

I visited downtown Seattle the other day because I was showing my friend from Chicago around, and we saw a woman with her guide dog. I ran outside of Starbucks just in time to one good picture.

Literally every time we go downtown, I run in to 2 blind people. Same story this time. A lady behind me was walking with her cane, and I watched her cross the road behind me very hesitantly and carefully. Just a few minutes later, this other lady with her guide walking confidently down the busy street……..this is why we do it, folks.


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  1. No problem linking to me! You are definitely stepping outside the box not using blogger 😉 Way to go Lawrence too!

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