Phase 3…

Lawrence has decided Phase 3 sounds like a good place to be. None of this “Phase 2” stuff anymore. I’d have to agree. 🙂

Lawrence 49L2 LAB M 3 No
Remington 497L LAB M 3 No

“Phase #3

  • Guidework training in quiet residential areas
  • Frequent rides in the training vans
  • Introduction to more advanced guidework commands and responses (“Right,” “Left,” and “Over Here,”); continued training on commands learned in Phase #2
  • Introduction of curbs and street crossings
  • Progressive obstacle course training on campus
  • Continued obedience training
  • Mall exposure walks
  • Dog social sessions
  • Neutering/spaying for those dogs dropped from the breeder-watch list”


3 Responses

  1. I changed my blog to:

  2. Ok, thanks for the update!

  3. YEY Lawrence! Keep up the good work.

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