A Thought to Ponder

I saw this on a CCI puppy raiser’s blog and really liked it. She said it was from the CCI People List.  I’ve changed it just a tad to fit being a GDB raiser…

Someone told me you’re trying to grow a beautiful rose for us.                            

You might not have even been told that was your goal. You were probably handed some healthy startings, told vaguely to nuture them and told that we’d see you back in about a year.

As time has gone by you’ve doted, fretted and fussed. You’ve given those startings every chance possible. The plant is healthy and hardy. The flowers are stunningly gorgeous.

No one who sees your bundle isn’t amazed at what you’ve helped grow from the small startings you were given…nobody could’ve possibly done a better job.

But you’re trying to grow us a rose. And while tulips, orchids and sunflowers are very pretty and special indeed, they’re not roses… 

You couldn’t have known what those startings would grow up to be. No one could have…unless someone like you had loved and nutured them for over a year so they’d flower. Raisers, please remember this no matter how badly you want to give us a beautiful rose.

If you were handed tulip bulbs – you’ve done a phenomenal job raising if the tulips are the vision of what a tulip can be.                      

If you were handed orchid startings or sunflower seeds, please know that the world wouldn’t be complete without their color and zest.

If you were handed a rosebush, thank you for helping us make sure that all of the flowers go where they should.

Now, if you were given some startings and they whithered away because you didn’t shower them with attention and care…well, nevermind – I’ve never known any GDB Puppy raisers like that. 🙂

I (Anna) want to dedicate this to all the raisers who have raised a career changed dog. It’s excruciatingly hard, I know. (if you don’t know how I know…visit Arturo’s page) This little quote wraps it up so well. You weren’t given a rosebush, but your tulip, daffodil, sunflower, or whatever,and you’ve turned it into a beautiful flower of its own kind. Way to go!

4 Responses

  1. I just love that poem. I have a copy in my puppy book that I read whenever I am having a bad day dog-wise (which certainly includes after a pup has been career-changed!). I remember finding that poem after one particular dog had been dropped from the program, and really finding a lot of comfort in it. Her name was Patience, so I decided that she was an impatiens flower.

  2. Wow… That is really awesome! I love it!!! It is definitely encouraging to all puppy raisers!
    ~Taelor and Eagle~

  3. That was very cool. My only pup all the way through, Cordova, happened to be one of those ‘other’ flowers. That poem said what I feel about her. She wasn’t a rose, but she is still beautiful and bringing joy to someone’s life.

  4. I love that. I wonder what flower Chappelle is most like…Ah well, definitely one that brings color to my life! 😉

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