I got an e-mail from Arturo’s owner yesterday… sounds like he’s doing well!!

We are getting ready to head out for a nice long walk with a black lab named Moli. Arturo is beginning to play more…especially with other dogs. I take him to the park and off leash and he romps with other dogs until he is exhausted. He has also started to enjoy retreiving. Its fun. Of course, his day is spent as the King of Decorative Bark (the business his owner runs) with loads of people coming in and out of the office and always making a big deal over him. Some of my truck drivers call him Jug Head from the old cartoons. He and our little Shitzu are the best of friends and actually lay on the same bed. It’s cute.
He’s turning 3 May 6th, so I’m sending him a stuffed sterilized bone (a toy I ALWAYS wanted to get him, but never could, with GDB’s rules) and one of his toys from here, like I do every year.
I was thinking about Arturo and all the goofy things we did with him. I taught him all his commands in Spanish. 😀
Did anyone get the e-mail saying their photo made it into the GDB calendar as one of the top 12? I got the other one, saying mine didn’t, so I was wondering….
I found out that one of my good friends is officially getting a May puppy. I’ll post the gender/breed/color/letter when I find out both hers and the one that’s coming to our club. I’m hoping to go to the puppy truck, but we’ll see. (Carrie, the girl who’s getting the puppy is Wally’s raiser. 🙂 )
Here’s Wally’s raiser and Arturo right before the big guy left…

My Room

Ok, so I’m a little behind the other brilliant souls who posted pictures of the “guide dog stuff” in their rooms buuuuut….ok fine. No excuses. Here is my door (what you can’t see is the paw prints I have all around the door frame:

Arturo’s tags are on the top, then Lawrence’s and at the bottom are P-mo’s.


This is my guide dog wall.. on the left is Lawrence’s section.

In the middle is Arturo’s section plus some of the roses I’ve gotten after shows.

 And this is Pomona’s side.. The Build-a-Bear was “Arturo Jr.” made on his first birthday, and the little stuffed dog was given to me for raising Pomona.


And oh, is that the Guide Dog calendar that you can’t see because the flash was being stupid? Yes, it is.

The monotony

Life is so monotonous without a puppy…. Besides spazzing out when I found out Lawrence was in phase 6….not much intersting has happened here.

I found out another friend of mine is getting a May puppy…. *jealousy*

I found out that the other Anna will be coming about 15 minutes away from my house this summer for her family reunion, soooooo I might get to meet her and puppy-sit Lynn!!!!! *happiness*

Fantine’s coming to rule my house… *cough* I mean to be puppy-sat in less than a month.

Aaaaand Arturo turns 3 in May. Weird. Really weird. Even weirder was realizing that in less than 6 months I can finally get my license (I’m waiting until I’m old enough that I don’t have to take driver’s ed) and then I can just go and take puppies places whenever I want to. That’ll be amazing.

We talked about adopting Lawrence if he gets career changed and his 2nd raiser don’t want him. That would be so cool, but of course I would much rather have him graduate. But if we get the call, I don’t think they’ll let me keep him–I think it was more of a hypothetical discussion.

Enjoy your puppies, everyone, while I weep over lacking one….

Just Kidding!!

I just just got them…Lawrence is in 6!!!!!! Go buddy!!!! Over half way done with the phases… Here’s the description:

Phase #6

  • Guidework routes in difficult and challenging work environments (heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic areas, wide crossings, hectic atmospheres, etc.)
  • Introduction to sidewalkless areas and rounded curbs
  • Continued work in malls, stores and buildings, with increasing exposure to varying sights, sounds and smells
  • Lessons in advanced guidework skills, such as moving turns
  • Introduction to “intelligent disobedience” (dogs learn to refuse to obey a command if it is unsafe to execute)
  • Advanced obedience training



Still waiting for phase reports. Gosh dangit I hate waiting. I’m guessing Lawrence is still in 5. If anyone has them, comment or E-MAIL ME!!!!


I was curious, after the post on Angel’s blog about being able to make it through an entire meeting on the flat collar (yayyyy!!!!), what you guys prefer as far as collars go? With Artu, it took me a while to get him a training collar, but very soon after that he was given a Halti. I really don’t like headcollars in general, but some dogs just need ’em.

When I get a dog, I’ll always start them out on their flat collar, but have their training collar around their neck, and head collar in my pocket. (if they have a head collar) I apply the idea of “innocent until proven guilty” to end up being something like “flat until proving the need for a halti”.

So anyway, this is an interactive post…what do you prefer? There’s no “right” answer, just preferences:

 The Flat

 The Training

 Or the head collar????

Starter Raisers

I wanted to give e-highfives and props to all the starter raisers out there. It’s not easy being a starter raiser, especially because it seems like all the “full-time” raisers don’t view starter pups as being as important or as “valuable” as puppies raised full-time. But being a 2-time starter raiser myself, I know how much time, effort, and love goes in to every starter pup.

So as Lawrence and Pomona’s starter raiser, way to go, good work, nice job, and woot (!) to everyone who has raised a starter pup. They totally DO count in your list of how man puppies you’ve raised, and are every bit as valuable as the long-term dogs. 😀

And to anyone considering doing a starter-pup, it’s a LOT of work, and you don’t get to see the pay off of all your work, but it’s fun having a cute baby around the house!


Lawrie                                 and               Moaner Girl