The Fire Station Outing

Well, I did make it to the outing yesterday (despite being sick all day Saturday), and it was a lot of fun! I haven’t seen these pups in so long!!!

We got to go into the place where the engines are, and the dogs walked around a truck, and two firemen put on their full gear and greeted the older dogs. They also turned on the lights and engine of one of the trucks. It was a pretty cool experience. During that part of the outing, the raisers handled their own dogs, since it was a pretty high-stress environment.

Afterwards we went to Starbucks, where I stole Bono (LGX) from his raisers. I love that dog!!! He’s the most amazing dog I’ve ever met. Our leaders are confident he’ll graduate (unless he has a health problem).

So here are the pictures…sorry they’re not fabulous, but I didn’t want to get the dogs’ attention, I just took pictures of them doing whatever they were doing…

This is Gaston (MGLD), tail wagging, wishing the fireman would come say hi to him

Lantana (FGLD) trying to get Gaston’s attention

Lantana being adorable

Lantana on the go

Sakino (MBL)  watching Lantana…”what is that fuzzy thing????”

Our Goldens, Lantana and Gaston, plus Sakino’s head

Bono (MBLGX) trying to avoid looking at the camera

Pace (MBL) watching all the other dogs and the firemen


The dogs (L to R): Pace, Bono

Bono, Gaston

Sakino trying to find that nice man in the big hat that petted me!!

Gaston being SUCH a golden…

Bono’s reaction to the engine being started, and the lights turning on

Gorgeous Gaston


Sakino (close) and Bono (distant) when the fire station doors opened

They turned the siren on once we had moved our dogs back far enough (and Lantana went away for the moment) and this was their reaction… Sakino, Bono, and Pace. Pace didn’t care until…

The horn blasted

Pace just loves water….

Lantana being loved

Gaston thinks all this craziness is maybe just a liiitle  stressful

Silly Pace

Sakino and his gorgeous brown eyes


Gaston and a firefighter (and Sakino)

Sakino (near) and Bono (far) are about the same age. I can’t believe how huge Bono is, and how petite Sakino is!!!

Gaston wanting desperately to play with the fuzzball…I mean Lantana

My Sakino Buddy (he spends a good amount of time at my house, and his raisers are first-time raisers, so they love any advice we can give ’em)

Sakino and Gaston giving kisseys

Aaaand, the Pacernator

Those are our lovely pups. 😀




5 Responses

  1. Glad you were able to make it. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. All of your pups are gorgeous! And you guys have two goldens? So not fair…:) Bono looks like an awesome one.

  3. Sakino, Pace, and Bono are all gorgeous!!! They all have great faces. Thanks for sharing pics. The goldens are adorable too. 🙂 Sounds like a very fun and succesful outing!

  4. OOO How fun!!! Nice Pics!

  5. Wow! You guys have a big group! Are the black lab puppy siblings? i love their eyes!

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