Starter Raisers

I wanted to give e-highfives and props to all the starter raisers out there. It’s not easy being a starter raiser, especially because it seems like all the “full-time” raisers don’t view starter pups as being as important or as “valuable” as puppies raised full-time. But being a 2-time starter raiser myself, I know how much time, effort, and love goes in to every starter pup.

So as Lawrence and Pomona’s starter raiser, way to go, good work, nice job, and woot (!) to everyone who has raised a starter pup. They totally DO count in your list of how man puppies you’ve raised, and are every bit as valuable as the long-term dogs. 😀

And to anyone considering doing a starter-pup, it’s a LOT of work, and you don’t get to see the pay off of all your work, but it’s fun having a cute baby around the house!


Lawrie                                 and               Moaner Girl


3 Responses

  1. Having finished two starter puppies I can appreciate all the work that starter raisers do. It is wonderful to recieve a pup who has a great start on their commands and POTTY TRAINING!! 🙂 So thank you for all the work you starter raisers do. I know it must be hard to only get a pup for a few months before they leave, but for the raisers that can’t start their own pups you guys are lifesavers! You all ROCK!!

  2. What is a “starter raiser?” and how is that different from a “full time” raiser? Sorry for what might be a dumb question. I foster rescue dogs, don’t know much about raising guide dogs.

  3. Molly, that’s a good question. A “starter raiser” is someone who gets a baby puppy and raises them for a month or two, just to give them a good start on life. They potty train them, begin socialization, and start working on their commands.

    A lot of times there are a huge number of puppies that need to be placed, and not enough people to take them. Or sometimes people can’t raise a puppy full-time because it’s too long of a time commitment (both of these were true for me) and also some people just love the babies, and love potty training.

    Usually they end up going to people who aren’t able to have a baby pup for whatever reason. For instance, when I go to college, I won’t be able to have a baby puppy who isn’t potty trained, in the dorms. So I’ll finish someone else’s starter puppy. Or some families who have kids in school all day, and work in a place that’s not cohesive with a baby puppy, need a pup who’s a little older.

    Out of my two starter puppies, one went to a new family who wasn’t quite fully trained when the puppy truck came in (Lawrence) and the other went to a family whose current puppy wasn’t quite ready to go in for advanced training, and so they waited until their dog was recalled and then got Pomona.

    It’s especially popular now. They’re having people start puppies and figure out their temperament so hopefully they can match puppies with experience and lifestyles. For instance, Pomona could NOT go to a brand new raiser. And Lawrence was great for a first time raiser. That was determined while I had them.

    Hope that helps!!

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