The monotony

Life is so monotonous without a puppy…. Besides spazzing out when I found out Lawrence was in phase 6….not much intersting has happened here.

I found out another friend of mine is getting a May puppy…. *jealousy*

I found out that the other Anna will be coming about 15 minutes away from my house this summer for her family reunion, soooooo I might get to meet her and puppy-sit Lynn!!!!! *happiness*

Fantine’s coming to rule my house… *cough* I mean to be puppy-sat in less than a month.

Aaaaand Arturo turns 3 in May. Weird. Really weird. Even weirder was realizing that in less than 6 months I can finally get my license (I’m waiting until I’m old enough that I don’t have to take driver’s ed) and then I can just go and take puppies places whenever I want to. That’ll be amazing.

We talked about adopting Lawrence if he gets career changed and his 2nd raiser don’t want him. That would be so cool, but of course I would much rather have him graduate. But if we get the call, I don’t think they’ll let me keep him–I think it was more of a hypothetical discussion.

Enjoy your puppies, everyone, while I weep over lacking one….


2 Responses

  1. I’m here weeping with you! It looking like I won’t be able to raise until *maybe* somtime in the summer of 2010!!! *Shocked face* I miss puppy raising so much, but want to wait until we buy a house, since we already have two dogs and if Loden is career changed and isn’t chosen for k9 buddy, he’s coming home (I get first choice before his second raiser because of the way he was transferred *Thank you GDB!*) lol, anyway, i feel your pain! Sending hugs and puppy kisses from my two timy companions!

  2. You’ll have to let me know about Fantine…she is Frisco’s brother!

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