My Room

Ok, so I’m a little behind the other brilliant souls who posted pictures of the “guide dog stuff” in their rooms buuuuut….ok fine. No excuses. Here is my door (what you can’t see is the paw prints I have all around the door frame:

Arturo’s tags are on the top, then Lawrence’s and at the bottom are P-mo’s.


This is my guide dog wall.. on the left is Lawrence’s section.

In the middle is Arturo’s section plus some of the roses I’ve gotten after shows.

 And this is Pomona’s side.. The Build-a-Bear was “Arturo Jr.” made on his first birthday, and the little stuffed dog was given to me for raising Pomona.


And oh, is that the Guide Dog calendar that you can’t see because the flash was being stupid? Yes, it is.


2 Responses

  1. Nice! Maybe one day I’ll post the rest of my room. 🙂

  2. Cool blog! How do you post pictures from a disk to the blog? I am still learning the blog thing

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