I got an e-mail from Arturo’s owner yesterday… sounds like he’s doing well!!

We are getting ready to head out for a nice long walk with a black lab named Moli. Arturo is beginning to play more…especially with other dogs. I take him to the park and off leash and he romps with other dogs until he is exhausted. He has also started to enjoy retreiving. Its fun. Of course, his day is spent as the King of Decorative Bark (the business his owner runs) with loads of people coming in and out of the office and always making a big deal over him. Some of my truck drivers call him Jug Head from the old cartoons. He and our little Shitzu are the best of friends and actually lay on the same bed. It’s cute.
He’s turning 3 May 6th, so I’m sending him a stuffed sterilized bone (a toy I ALWAYS wanted to get him, but never could, with GDB’s rules) and one of his toys from here, like I do every year.
I was thinking about Arturo and all the goofy things we did with him. I taught him all his commands in Spanish. 😀
Did anyone get the e-mail saying their photo made it into the GDB calendar as one of the top 12? I got the other one, saying mine didn’t, so I was wondering….
I found out that one of my good friends is officially getting a May puppy. I’ll post the gender/breed/color/letter when I find out both hers and the one that’s coming to our club. I’m hoping to go to the puppy truck, but we’ll see. (Carrie, the girl who’s getting the puppy is Wally’s raiser. 🙂 )
Here’s Wally’s raiser and Arturo right before the big guy left…

4 Responses

  1. I think it’s hilarious you taught Arturo his commands in Spanish! That’s awesome!

  2. Nope – the waffler got a rejection letter too. Who is Wally- my CC pup Waffle has a bro named Wally but his a black lab.

  3. Wally is Waffle’s brother…the picture was of Arturo and Wally’s raiser (she also raised Bradford and Maurice, and is getting a puppy in May)

  4. I am a friend of Lisa and Runza and KSDS. Just look at different blogs and ran across yours. thats cool that you taught your dog spanish. I hope my puppy’s puppy raiser did something neat or fun with mine. Can’t wait to meet mine in july.

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