Lana girl is a doll. A complete and total doll. She’s also huge…. Not exactly camera shy, just so hyper and happy to see people that she doesn’t sit still when she’s looking at you, or she has her face turned away…


She was great for a golden…focused for the most part. She’s still very young, so I was impressed. Good job Abby!! Fantine comes in 6 days, so I’m looking forward to taking HER to school next week. 🙂

Anyone have phase reports? Comment me!!!!!


4 Responses

  1. What a cutie!! I want a golden sooo bad….

  2. The problem with goldens is they’re………hyper. lol. When I was working with Lana, I had to really focus on keeping her calm. But I hope you guys can do one!!!!

    Anna and Lawrie

  3. She has gotten huge! Goldens are a LOT of work, but they are super fun dogs and make great guides.

  4. Our boys are in PHASE 8!!!!!

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