Ready or not…

Fantine comes tomorrow so I’ve been getting in my last-minute cleaning and organizing. I didn’t realize how much there is to do to re dog-proof a house. I haven’t had a dog since January 5th. Straaange…

Yesterday I did my once-yearly serious kennel cleaning. I bleached all the pavers on the bottom and the tarp on top, rinsed, cleared  the perimiter so that little mouths can’t reach sticks, rocks, grass, and weeds, and got rid of a whole bunch of pine needles and dirt. While rinsing all the bleach off the pavers, I once again I realized how uneven the floor is. But hey, it was made by two 14-year-olds who were super excited and not used to hard labor.

The place where my kennel sits now actually used to be our yard’s dirt pile. When I asked my dad where I could put it, he said “well, you can put it where the dirt pile is if you get rid of the dirt pile first.” I hauled 4 feet of dirt from one side of our yard to the other just to prepare the space, lol. Now we have a lovely kennel 🙂


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