Meet Fantine

Yes there’s puppy breath in my house once again. The little lady herself is chewing one of my much-loved toys by my feet. She’s 8 months old, and very happy to be alive! I picked her up and went straight to a worship team practice. There’s a great drum player who is really loud, and she was a little startled at first, but after a while she warmed up to it.

Emily (her raiser) has done a fantastic job with her. She’s very responsive to corrections, and is great on her commands (and pretty good when she’s distracted, too). The list of things “to work on” were:

  • Greeting people
  • Sitting still when groomed
  • “Stand”

I agree. 😀

She’s going to school with me tomorrow, and will get to meet little Lana. Hopefully Abby and I will be able to get some pictures of them together. It’ll be an interesting experience! I’ll post pictures of school, tomorrow. She’s also going to work with me, so that’ll be fun.  As I literally JUST got home, I only had time for 2 pictures, and they’re not very good. But we’ll get some good ones before she leaves.




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  1. What a cute baby! Makes me miss my yellows. ; )

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