The Look

You puppyraisers know what I’m talking about. The look you get from people when you walk into a store and there’s this furry thing in a green vest walking next to you. The initial reaction of “don’t know know you can’t take your dog places??” that quickly changes to “oh my goodness! That’s a working dog!” I love it. I’d forgotten how good it feels to go somewhere with a green vested dog by your side.

We went to school today. During study hall hour, a friend of mine and I skipped out and went to Subway to get our lunch. Fantine was an angel in Subway, and did pretty well at school. Kids of all ages go there, so she was rather startled and interested in the little screaming balls of terror (i.e. the Kindergartners). After school we ran a bunch of errands ranging from another school to Emerald City Smoothie. We did a little work on meet and greet at the other school and she’s getting better. Otherwise, we’re on a no-pet policy.

I did get some pictures…she’s such an adorable girl. Everyone keeps saying how good she is, and I’d have to agree. She certainly is testy–being with new handlers, and she seems a little stressed (probably since her mommy isn’t here!) but otherwise, we’re having a blast.



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  1. Ahhh she’s so cute! Keep having lots of fun with her. 😀

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