Letter to Home (by Fantine)

Hi mom and everyone at home, it’s Fantine. Anna’s letting me write a post.

I’m having a lot of fun here. We’ve gone dozens of places, and Anna’s introduced me to all her friends. There must have been a THOUSAND. (Anna: More like 20 you goofy girl) They pet me lots, but I have to sit nicely which isn’t so fun. I just want to wiggle all over them! Everyone at this house loves me–Anna’s brother was talking about me and he said, “if this dog were a person, she’d be an optimist.” I’m not sure what that means, but I think it’s good.

Yesterday we got to go to church twice and to Pizza Hut. We all enjoyed it. This is me–THRILLED to be at Pizza Hut:

 I spend most of my time chewing all the cool toys that smell like other dogs, so they’re even MORE cool and running around in the backyard. I think that running around in the yard is the neatest thing since dry dog food. I grab a Kong and then run around the yard like a cat with it’s tail cut off (Anna: You mean, a chicken with it’s head cut off) Yeah same thing. Anna says I look like a rabbit because I hop like rabbit when I’m running.

Oh, and just so you know, I’ve been hearing them saying you’ll never get me back. Anna decided she’s going to keep me forever… or at least until I have to be a guide dog. I’m not sure how I like this idea… I miss you guys and my doggie brothers.

So far the plan is to relax today, and then we’re going to see Prince Caspian with some of Anna’s friends. But I’ll be the only dog there, so I’ll get all the attention.

Say hi to Toby and Len for me~




2 Responses

  1. I LOVE the name Fantine. She sounds so sweet – I want to steal her!

  2. My mother “thought” she made up the name “Fantine” – evidently she is misinformed. Since I am 63 this year – maybe I was one of the first – Who knows. I am honored to have such a sweet animal with my name.

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