The Bus, The Meeting, and…the other Meeting

Well yesterday was a biiig day for Fantine. We started it off by hopping on the bus at  8:45am. Fantine did okay–was pretty restless and seemed a little nervous for the first 10 minutes. She’s started being really garbage mouthy recently, so I ended up fishing a couple of times…fortunately it was only me and 2 other ladies on the bus. Then we got to our bus stop and walked about 6 blocks up to my theater. We got there early, so we did some obedience drills in the parking lot before we went in. At the beginning of the meeting, she was fantastic. Settled right down and slept. About halfway through someone small and furry got bored and got up and was mouthing my hands. I couldn’t leave the meeting, and there were people all around me, but after a little while she settled down. Then we went into the other room to do some improv and focus games. Wellllll……Fantine decided that she wasn’t in a good mood, so while the people were moving around she was jumping at them, and just going nuts. Everyone felt bad for me, and were really good about neither judging her behavior or my need to correct her for it. But let’s just say I was sooooo glad when the meeting was over.

It ended 15 minutes early, so I thought I might get to take the earlier bus back. So I walk out and back to where the return trip bus stop should be, and it’s not there. And I walk the other direction, and it’s not there. So I call my mom and tell her the bus stop is missing so I’m going to have to walk all the way to the transit center so I might be on a later bus. I was peeved. We had to wait 20 minutes before the bus came, so we did a bunch of obedience drills and focus work, and went to a baseball game. If I would have known we’d have so much time on our hands, I would have gone down to the waterfront and gotten some pictures there.

So I wasn’t having such a great day, but on the bus ride home, Teenie decided to behave really nicely, and I got some good pictures. Then we went to Target, and the little monster behaved like a pro, and I found what I was looking for, and everything was good. We went home and slept for about an hour and then headed to our puppy club meeting. I was a little concerned about how Fantine would do with all the dogs (since she’s been dog distracted) so I brought her in on her training collar. After a few good corrections, she settled down and I switched her to the flat for the rest of the meeting. I got to meet our newest puppy, “Fellow” who was a total doll, and SO SO good!!!!! We did some stair work and just walked around a little, and I have to say after her corrections, Fantine was as good as our 14-month-old recall dogs!

I was happy because we talked about puppy-sitting, and I’m our club’s only puppy-sitter, so they said I’ll be kept busy this summer! Yay! I have a rough schedule about who I get when, so it’ll be nice. After the meeting we went to Mars Hill Church and then to Red Robin for dinner.

Sakino–he’s leaving for recall June 13th!



This is how Bono spent the meeting. This is how Bono ALWAYS spends the meetings. He’s due to go back on June 13th, and his raisers are getting another baby. They said “we don’t want another puppy. We want another Bono.”

Fellow (for he’s a jolly good Fellow–THAT nobody can deny!!!)

Gaston the Great

The Pacenator


My favorite picture of the day!!! Fantine

I got really bored on the bus ride, so I realized that I was wearing my “HOPE” wristband (Relay for Life) and I thought it was funny how Fantine will be giving someone hope, so I tried to get an “artistic” picture….


2 Responses

  1. I just saw your new side thingy!!!! That’s tooo cute! Loden and Lawrence I’m sure adore each other! And to be honest, our stories with them are both similar! I hope they graduate together to end this part of the journey together!

  2. Nice pictures… and HOORAY for puppysitting this summer!

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