Wunder Dog

Fantine leaves tomorrow. *tears of sadness* She wanted to write one final letter home, so I said I’d let her…here it goes:

Hey everybody, it’s me again, Fantine. Anna says that I’m going home tomorrow! WHoopee!!!! I get to see my family again!!! It’s funny because while Anna was at work, I was reading through all the blogs that she has on her list, and I saw that some of you people were talking about trying to find interesting outings. I think as long as it’s new, it’s interesting. I think my favorite was the bus. Now this wasn’t no school bus. It was one of the transit buses with the slippery floors and loud announcers and strange “ding” noises, the whole taco. burrito. enchilada.

My favorite thing ever was doing homework with Anna. This is us doing homework….

WAIT! That is so NOT what it looks like….I did NOT….nap……………………..or maybe I did. What does the 13th amendment do? But I go to school with my sitter, so I must be smart. She said I didn’t fail any classes. See? I’m a smart girl. Don’t need to do homework.

We’re going to watch a Rodgers and Hammerstein marathon tonight. I think that means people named Roger and Hammerstin are going to run around? Maybe not. That doesn’t sound too interesting, but Anna sounds really excited.

Anna says she’ll really miss me. She’s started calling me wunder dog. I have all sorts of nicknames, Teenie, little girl, Wunder Dog, Teenie Tiny, Puppy Girl, and Fantiney. Every once in a while she calls me Little Miss Stinky, but that’s only when I’ve done something really bad like grab a piece of paper off the floor or break a “stay”.

Anna also says she’ll be sure to tell what I become when I become it. I think I’m going to become a dog. At least I hope so. I don’t care what else happens as long as I stay a dog.

Licks and tail wags,

Teenie the Wunder Dog



2 Responses

  1. Fantine,

    It will be fun to go back home, but I know you enjoyed your time with Anna!

  2. Teenie the Wunder Dog,

    I was just admiring some notes written to a puppy raising group and then I found Fantine! You sure are cute! I’m a Black Lab, but I really like blindes! I graduated from GDB in December, so I’m a fun-loving, hard-working guide dog. My Dad is wonderful to me, in fact, he gave me a great wash and groom job yesterday and I feel 10 pounds lighter.

    Anyway, hope you have a great Father’s Day! If you get a chance, please check out my blog, Zane Train. I want everyone to hop on board the Zane Train. Here is my blog address: http://zanetrain.blogspot.com

    Big licks and belly rubs, Zane

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