Bye bye

Well it seems like a lot of people have said goodbye and hello this weekend. Fantine left yesterday. I loved having her–she was very sweet and a great dog to have around! The only problem was she was getting mouthy. But other than that she was wonderful. I like to say she was an adult dog in a puppy body. 😀

Sadly, I don’t have a “hello” but I’ll be watching Gaston in July for a few days, and I’ll have Fellow for the day sometime this month. And I’m hoping that when Anna comes to the area for her family reunion she’ll let Lynn spend the day or whatever with us. 🙂

According to the phase report from last week Lawrence is still in 8, but the other Anna thinks he’s in 9 but the reports haven’t been updated. Go Lawrie, Lo, and Remington!!


2 years ago today this sweet boy was still with me……



2 Responses

  1. At least you’ll get to puppysit some! If you lived near me, I’d totally let you visit with Alana for while. 🙂

  2. I know it was hard letting her go but THANK YOU. thank you for your time and everything you do with the dogs.

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