New Puppies!!

Today our club welcomed our two new puppies, Vortex and Festival. I don’t have pictures, but I’ll try to get some soon. We also sent back our big boys Sakino and Bono. They’ll really be missed!!!!

Thanks for all the comments, I’ll definitely look into CCI or KSDS puppy raising. I probably won’t get to raise another puppy full-time, but I can’t imagine my life without servie dog puppies, so maybe me parents would let me….we’ll have to see. It’s still not even for sure, just a really big possibility.


4 Responses

  1. Aww, yay for new puppies, and especially one named Vortex. That was the name of my very first pup. Hope to see pictures soon. 🙂

  2. YEY Puppies! They have really cute names! Keep SEGD in mind. They have puppy raising in Alabama.

  3. I feel for you Anna! Loving to raise and being without it is one of the hardest long time things someone can go through in my opinion! Raising is such a HUGE part of ones life, and to be without it, I feel your pain! I’m sending *Hugs* your way Anna!

  4. Vortex and Festival,

    Your names almost sound like tornadoes! You sound like you are in great hands! I was a puppy once, in fact, my puppy raiser lives in Berea, CA and is still raising a Black Lab puppy named Sayer. I really enjoyed the many months that I was with Gary and his family, so I know the importance of puppy raising.

    I graduated from GDB “summa-good-doggie” last December and now I’m a working dog! I live in Colorado where it’s nice and cool most of the time and with this black coat, I need some cooler weather.

    Check out my blog when you get a chance and learn a little bit about what you might be doing some day when yu grow up. Are you Black Labs too?

    Big licks and belly rubs, Zane

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