Puppy raising in Alabama??

Anybody know of Guide Dog schools in or that send puppies to Alabama? It looks like our family might be moving, and I was hoping someone might know of any service dog companies in the area… *sigh*


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  1. i spent a few minutes looking and i couldn’t find one in Alabama. What about KSDS or Southeastern Guide dogs?

  2. Hey,
    CCI sends dogs to Alabama but the Regional Center is in Orlando, FL. The pups could be shipped to you, then you would fly or drive them back to Orlando for Advanced Training. That would be cool if you were a CCI puppy Raiser. Go to: cci.org for more info!

  3. Someone in my club recently faced that problem when she moved to Alabama too. She isn’t raising right now, but will in the future. Hope something works out for you, CCI sounds like a very good idea. Sorry that you might have to move, it’s hard. 😦

  4. The Southeast region of CCI serves 8 states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, ALABAMA and Louisiana. To learn more about puppy raising call 800-572-2275 to ask someone at CCI about it or to request an application!


  5. KSDS will let you raise in Alabama. We have puppy raisers as far away as Florida. Of course, you would ahve to come to KSDS to pick up the pup and return them. If you want to know more – visit http://www.ksds.org. Of course, the cool think is, KSDS does guide/service/social dogs.

  6. Canine Support Teams has raisers anywhere, as does CCI and Guide Dogs of the Desert. GDD is amazingly similar to GDB, you might want to look into them! really the only main differences are how the dogs walk on leash (They are taught to work on a tight leash like Guides do) and how you put the jackets on. Amazing schools, all of them. But I really recommend GDD if you want something similar to GDB. Or you can be one of two raisers for CST that blog! You could try checking out Paws too!

  7. Of course GDF sends puppies down that way as well! 😉

  8. Southeastern Guide Dogs has a puppy raising group in Huntsville Alabama. If you want more info, please email me as I’m the area coordinator for Tennessee and northern Alabama. My email is beckyjdan@hotmail.com. Or you can go to the web site http://www.guidedogs.org.

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