Arturo update

Well he’s still alive! I have to contact Arturo’s owner family to get any info on how he’s doing, so I e-mailed them yesterday after the presentation at the library. This is what she had to say:

Raleigh(Arturo) is doing great. We set out at 5:30 am tomorrow morning for our big Sunday walk with Molly, a black lab. He loves the walk. We do that before church and before all the hot weather hits. He has been getting all the attention he can stand at work with my guys. He is also finally enjoing fetch and much more playful now that he is slowly getting away from being a “working” dog. He is such  joy and I love him so much. I can not imagine life without him.
Hope your summer is going well.
It’s good to hear he’s doing well, but sad that he’s un-learning everything I worked so hard to teach him. Such is the life of a career changed dog….
Almost exactly 2 years ago…

4 Responses

  1. That is great that you heard from his adopters! It sounds like he went to a good home, and is living up the life of a career change dog.

  2. I know how the “unlearning” is! I am having this sadness with Conover!

    ~Madison & Andros

  3. It’s always sad when they un-learn things, but at least he is happy as a CC’d dog!

  4. How cool that you heard from his family. It reminds me that I should email Yellsea’s family and see how she is doing.

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