Bravo and Fun Days revisited

A few months ago, our friend Bravo graduated in CA. He’s a great boy and his raiser sent me this picture today of Bravo with his partner. Bravo!!

One of the families in my club has their littermate meeting at the same time as Mona, so they might check in and see if the little girl made it to Fun Days. But if anyone going to CA would mind or has a chance to peek in on her littermate’s meeting and take pictures for me, it would make me super happy. 😀 10:45 at Elvis.


Fun Days

Okay, so I’m not going to either Fun Day. 😦 But my little girl, Pomona, might be. So if anyone is going to the OR Fun Day, could you let me know and maybe go to her littermate meeting??? If you’re interested in doing that for me, I could e-mail you a picture or something for the family who is raising her now, and I would DIE for pictures of her, now.

Comment or e-mail me if you could possibly do that…. Her meeting is at 10:45 at Elvis. (or for people going to CA, I’d love to see pictures of her littermates if it works out) You guys are great!!!

Oh, and I got phase reports today. *sigh* they’re so much less exciting now that I’m just playing the waiting game. Geez, boys. Get your act together….

The boys in 10:

Fillmore                        46L9                                     LAB           M             10                  No

Lawrence                      49L2                                     LAB           M             10                  No

Loden                          483L                                     LAB           M             10                  No

Remington                   497L                                     LAB           M              10                 No

The boys in 3:

Bono                            466M                                     LGX           M              3                   No

Sakino                         445M                                     LAB           M              3                   No

The Weekend…

In 3 days I get to puppy-sit the most adorable puppy in our club over the weekend. Little Miss Lantana, the other golden. Unlike Gaston, who is very handsome, Lana has the stubbier, stockier, more rounded head. Very cute and very different from Gaston’s long, regal nose.

From a few months ago:


I HAVE to get pictures of this one while she’s here….She’s like….the supermodel of the dog world. But she’s also very energetic, so we’ll see how it goes. Lantana Banana–the ADHD teddy bear.

Note to Brittany

I sent Remington’s raisers a link to your blog since he was in your kennel, I thought maybe he would be in some of your pictures. 🙂 They sent me this response:

Can’t thank you enough for forwarding the blog from your friend, we think we know which one is Remi, only because he had a very pink nose when we sent him to GD.  It is possible however that his nose turned black again during the summer.  Anyway is great to see and hear something about Remi (it was hard for us to let him go, much harder then any other puppy).  So we are very happy that he is doing so well.
Remington’s Raisers

YAY I’m back!!

After a very long time, I’m finally back!! For some reason my computer wouldn’t let me log in to the blogging account for a week! UGH! So this is all a week late…..

3 years ago last Sunday (the 20th)

I went to the airport, more excited than I’d been in a long time.

I knew it would be yellow and male.

I knew its name started with “A”, like mine.

I knew I’d have it for the next year or so of my life.

I didn’t know he’d change my life in so many ways

that I can’t imagine what life would have been without him.

Happy 3 years since I picked up my 1st pup,


I love you buddy, and always will!!!


(on the right)



In other news… Sunday I also had a little house guest, Festival. He was such a good boy, and I loved him to pieces!!!

He’s a TINY little guy!! His nicknames are Peanut and we dubbed him Tivo. Don’t ask how that name got started….. I only had him for a day, but he got to go 2 places with me, and did really well at both.

No new puppy news. I’m boring in that way. Although I was ecstatic to find out Brittany has seen and said hi to Lawrence down at the OR campus!!! I haven’t seen him since January 31st, 2007. Boy I miss that puppy!!

EDIT: After going through and reading all the blogs on my blogroll, I found out that not only did Brittany get to say hi to Lawrence, she also got to bathe him today!! I’m so so happy it’s ridiculous!!!

He’s still in 10 which means no July grad, but maybe August???

To make Kelsey and Emily jealous….

This is my totally unflattering “I’m going for a run dad” “oh let me get a picture of you and Gaston and Daniel before you go!” picture…I’m blinking too…lol

Part 2: still guest starring Gaston

Today we started out for the bus and work eagerly anticipating Gaston’s reaction to the wire crate at my job–the thing which would either let him stay through tomorrow or make him go home early. Well we got there and he did fine with it. Yaaay.

It was an exhausting day at camp, but somehow having a puppy makes it ten thousand times more fun. He spends most of the camp in the crate and then on my lunch break he gets to be loose in my break room and then he goes back in while I finish the camp.

I had this random guy come up to me (as is normal to puppy raisers) and ask a bunch of questions. Unlike most people this guy was really driving me nuts. He asked all the normal questions and then he just stood there and kinda watched me for about 10 minutes while occasionally asking random questions. Not watching Gaston, watching me. Eventually his bus came and he left. *whew*

The bus is pretty crowded, and he’s a huge dog!! We have affectionately nicknamed him “Moose”

 So far my experience with Gaston has convinced me that goldens are amazing and wonderful. He’s sweet, smart, can focus but also be goofy when not working, listens, and responds to corrections on the flat collar! I love this guy!!!

Haven’t seen the phase reports for the week, but as far as I know everyone is still in, and no one is in class…