YAY I’m back!!

After a very long time, I’m finally back!! For some reason my computer wouldn’t let me log in to the blogging account for a week! UGH! So this is all a week late…..

3 years ago last Sunday (the 20th)

I went to the airport, more excited than I’d been in a long time.

I knew it would be yellow and male.

I knew its name started with “A”, like mine.

I knew I’d have it for the next year or so of my life.

I didn’t know he’d change my life in so many ways

that I can’t imagine what life would have been without him.

Happy 3 years since I picked up my 1st pup,


I love you buddy, and always will!!!


(on the right)



In other news… Sunday I also had a little house guest, Festival. He was such a good boy, and I loved him to pieces!!!

He’s a TINY little guy!! His nicknames are Peanut and we dubbed him Tivo. Don’t ask how that name got started….. I only had him for a day, but he got to go 2 places with me, and did really well at both.

No new puppy news. I’m boring in that way. Although I was ecstatic to find out Brittany has seen and said hi to Lawrence down at the OR campus!!! I haven’t seen him since January 31st, 2007. Boy I miss that puppy!!

EDIT: After going through and reading all the blogs on my blogroll, I found out that not only did Brittany get to say hi to Lawrence, she also got to bathe him today!! I’m so so happy it’s ridiculous!!!

He’s still in 10 which means no July grad, but maybe August???


4 Responses

  1. Yay, you’re finally back! 🙂 It’s funny, we got both our second and first puppies around the same time. Arturo is gorgeous, and Festival is really cute.

  2. Aww look how cute Arturo was! Haha. Festival looks a lot like his brother Fantom, who I say has “easter bunny eyes” or he’s just a baby blue eyes. 😀 They’re both such cuties though. Glad you’re back.

  3. Glad to have you back 🙂 Festival is a cutie, hope you’ll have him again soon! Arturo sure was a cutie, too. Can’t wait to hear something about Lawrence! Will you be able to go to his graduation?

  4. If he graduates, the plan is that I’ll be able to go. I’m hoping for August, but then again so is everyone else whose dog is still in phase 10. 😀

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