Note to Brittany

I sent Remington’s raisers a link to your blog since he was in your kennel, I thought maybe he would be in some of your pictures. 🙂 They sent me this response:

Can’t thank you enough for forwarding the blog from your friend, we think we know which one is Remi, only because he had a very pink nose when we sent him to GD.  It is possible however that his nose turned black again during the summer.  Anyway is great to see and hear something about Remi (it was hard for us to let him go, much harder then any other puppy).  So we are very happy that he is doing so well.
Remington’s Raisers

2 Responses

  1. Just assuming, no real facts, just thinking since he’s been in 10 for a couple weeks and 10 is usually when they say they are class ready, but who really knows *wink*

  2. haha, they HAVE to graduate together! It’d be treason if they didn’t! I can guarantee that I will be at Lawrence’s graduation even if Loden isn’t graduating at the same time though! I have to meet my “nephew”!

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