Fun Days

Okay, so I’m not going to either Fun Day. 😦 But my little girl, Pomona, might be. So if anyone is going to the OR Fun Day, could you let me know and maybe go to her littermate meeting??? If you’re interested in doing that for me, I could e-mail you a picture or something for the family who is raising her now, and I would DIE for pictures of her, now.

Comment or e-mail me if you could possibly do that…. Her meeting is at 10:45 at Elvis. (or for people going to CA, I’d love to see pictures of her littermates if it works out) You guys are great!!!

Oh, and I got phase reports today. *sigh* they’re so much less exciting now that I’m just playing the waiting game. Geez, boys. Get your act together….

The boys in 10:

Fillmore                        46L9                                     LAB           M             10                  No

Lawrence                      49L2                                     LAB           M             10                  No

Loden                          483L                                     LAB           M             10                  No

Remington                   497L                                     LAB           M              10                 No

The boys in 3:

Bono                            466M                                     LGX           M              3                   No

Sakino                         445M                                     LAB           M              3                   No


3 Responses

  1. I am only going to California Fun Day. I will definitely look for some of her littermates if you want me to.

  2. Yay boys! Come on boys, make us proud. I’m feeling a September graduation for Loden, that’s the month is picture is in the calendar, LOL! Hopefully it’s August though!

  3. My husband and I are going to the Fun Day in Oregon. Feel free to email me and I totally wouldn’t mind taking some pictures for you. 🙂

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