Phase Reports

I decided, I hate phase reports. Not as a general rule, but just right now. I bet Anna and Coreena have been feeling the same way. The phase 10 dogs can’t go anywhere else, so now we wait for a phone call…. ugh. So much for the eager anticipation of Thursdays.

I sit. And I wait. And Lawrence sits. And waits.

It’s horrible.

Bono-MLGX-phase 5

Lawrence-MYL-phase 10

Remington-MYL-phase 10

Sakino-MBL-phase 4

 Oh! I’m not the one in this picture..


The “A” Litter

Well here goes my 2nd litter report…

The “A” Litter

born 5/6/05

to Kentucky and Carmela









Armand came up with Arturo on the plane, and was raised nearby. He was a little firecracker, and was a little harder to raise than Arturo. He competed agaist Arturo at 4-H state fair in ’06 and tied for first in Control Class (although Arturo won the tie-breaker 😀 ) He was career changed in phase 1 for cataracts and is living near his raisers with a family friend.

Anton was raised in CA by first time raisers (like Arturo and Armand were). He was a very very good boy according to his raisers, although he had his sneaky moments. 🙂 Arturo and Armand were both dark yellow, but Anton had the light yellow fur.  Anton went through advanced training and was put in-class, but was pulled a few days before graduation because of dog distraction. He lives with his raisers and loves being a ranch dog.

Arturo was my lovely little boy. The first puppy I raised, and a little bit of a challenge. Artu was very dog distracted, but also a really hard worker. Arturo was also career changed for cataracts and we let GDB place him. He’s now “working” in OR. He goes to work with a lady who owns a bark business and is the mascot.

America the beautiful was selected as a breeder.

The rest of the siblings I know nothing about except they were all career changed. It was before I started getting the full reports, so if anyone knows if the “A” pups (Arby, Angorra, Augusta, Antonia) went IFT or were dropped early like my boy, let me know…. That’s it for the “A”s!!

The “P” Litter

My goal is to post on each of my puppies’ litters. The problem? I know next to nothing about both Arturo and Lawrence’s litter. Any info/pictures about any of the pups on the right (besides Armand and Anton and Lassiter and Lester) would be reallllly appreciated so I can make these posts happen. 😀

The “P”s

born to Bruce and Heritage



Being raised in CA. Patsy is said to be an easy, mellow, and well-behaved puppy. If nothing else, she’s certainly cute!!


Being raised in the same club as Patsy. She’s the black one in the family but it looks good on her.





On her third raiser family, Pretzel showed up to the OR Fun Days as the only “P” in the area (besides Pomona)




Powell’s raiser blogs at the link above. He was transferred to his current raiser and has that lovely dark tint, like Pretzel.

Porter–missing in action male yellow lab who seems to have vanished

Some group shots from CA Fun Day littermate meeting

L to R: Powell, Palisades, Patsy
This post brought to you by Shelly and Elizabeth and their hard work at Fun Days, getting pictures for me. Thanks a million guys!!


As implied by the wanted poster, Pomona did not show up to her littermate meeting at Fun Days, although rumor is she was at Fun Days. Just didn’t show up which, of course, makes me really sad, since I haven’t seen her in 9 months.

Go “P” litter!!!!!


At the camp I choreograph we asked the kids the other day what their most embarassing moment was. I know mine, but none of the people there would “get it” I’ll share it with you all.

Pomona had been at our house for a little over a month, so she was going more places, and I took her to the T-Mobile store to get a new cell phone. She relieved before going into the store, and was behaving pretty nicely. We walk into the store, and she promptly pees on the floor. Oh great. I clean it up and we finish our purchase and then run over for a quick trip to Fred Meyer. She’d been there before. We walk in the front door, and she squats. Yes, right by the front door, she pooped. Of course I didn’t have any more paper towels/diapers since I had just cleaned up the T-Mobile mess. Then she not only poops, but has diarrhea. Oh lovely. That’s gotta be my most embarassing moment EVER with ALL my puppies…

So here’s the challenge–what’s your most embarassing puppy raising moment ever? Blog about it–I’m excited to hear all your stories! 😀

Almost a calendar submission for ’10

except the background being too dark and the leash on the bench.


As you all in CA are enjoying Fun Days (and Kelsey and Emily getting their new boy!!!) Little Lantana has wiggled her way into our house and hearts. She’s very much a golden. If you don’t know what I mean by that, ask Emily and Kelsey after they’ve had their puppy for a few months, or puppy-sit a golden. They’re very different from labs. 😀 She’s almost as hard to get a good picture of as a black lab!!


Laughing at me for trying to get a decent picture of her

iiiitch…aaahhh that feels goooood…

Being patriotic.

As of right now it looks like we’re only going to have one outing. Tomorrow she’ll go to church with me and my big bro, which could be a very interesting experience…my church is, well let’s say, not “normal”.  It rocks. Literally. So we’ll go there tomorrow morning and then the club meeting that afternoon and then she goes home. 😦 Tears. Sadness. No outings today–mostly just playing around inside and walks around the neighborhood.

One of the many things I love about Lantana is that she always wants to be touching you. Not just foot on yours, head on your shoe, no she wiggles into your lap and flops in it with skill I’ve never seen before. I won’t plan on having her sit with me, but there she’ll be all of a sudden.

With the love wiggling, she also has boundless energy. I’ve never experienced a dog with so much energy. Ever. She woke up at 6 this morning (it’s SATURDAY Lana!!) and then bounced around until 3, when she finally took a nap next to me on the floor. I sent her raiser a text “Does your dog ever SLEEP?!? lol” to which she responded “sometimes” lololol

Yes, ADHD teddy bear is a better description than I imagined!!! Love you, Lana!