The “P” Litter

My goal is to post on each of my puppies’ litters. The problem? I know next to nothing about both Arturo and Lawrence’s litter. Any info/pictures about any of the pups on the right (besides Armand and Anton and Lassiter and Lester) would be reallllly appreciated so I can make these posts happen. 😀

The “P”s

born to Bruce and Heritage



Being raised in CA. Patsy is said to be an easy, mellow, and well-behaved puppy. If nothing else, she’s certainly cute!!


Being raised in the same club as Patsy. She’s the black one in the family but it looks good on her.





On her third raiser family, Pretzel showed up to the OR Fun Days as the only “P” in the area (besides Pomona)




Powell’s raiser blogs at the link above. He was transferred to his current raiser and has that lovely dark tint, like Pretzel.

Porter–missing in action male yellow lab who seems to have vanished

Some group shots from CA Fun Day littermate meeting

L to R: Powell, Palisades, Patsy
This post brought to you by Shelly and Elizabeth and their hard work at Fun Days, getting pictures for me. Thanks a million guys!!


As implied by the wanted poster, Pomona did not show up to her littermate meeting at Fun Days, although rumor is she was at Fun Days. Just didn’t show up which, of course, makes me really sad, since I haven’t seen her in 9 months.

Go “P” litter!!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Aww, still no word from ‘Mona? I hope you find her 😦

    I think I may have met Porter last week…if it was the right one, he’s been career changed.

  2. Pretzel is really handsome! He reminds me of Luigi a little bit.

    I think Lindy is in class at California…not CC’d.

  3. Although I am no help to you onthe puppy finding hunt…for obvious reasons, I wanted to tell you that this is an EXCELLENT idea. I may have to copy if I ever get around to posting. Good luck with your search.

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