The “A” Litter

Well here goes my 2nd litter report…

The “A” Litter

born 5/6/05

to Kentucky and Carmela









Armand came up with Arturo on the plane, and was raised nearby. He was a little firecracker, and was a little harder to raise than Arturo. He competed agaist Arturo at 4-H state fair in ’06 and tied for first in Control Class (although Arturo won the tie-breaker 😀 ) He was career changed in phase 1 for cataracts and is living near his raisers with a family friend.

Anton was raised in CA by first time raisers (like Arturo and Armand were). He was a very very good boy according to his raisers, although he had his sneaky moments. 🙂 Arturo and Armand were both dark yellow, but Anton had the light yellow fur.  Anton went through advanced training and was put in-class, but was pulled a few days before graduation because of dog distraction. He lives with his raisers and loves being a ranch dog.

Arturo was my lovely little boy. The first puppy I raised, and a little bit of a challenge. Artu was very dog distracted, but also a really hard worker. Arturo was also career changed for cataracts and we let GDB place him. He’s now “working” in OR. He goes to work with a lady who owns a bark business and is the mascot.

America the beautiful was selected as a breeder.

The rest of the siblings I know nothing about except they were all career changed. It was before I started getting the full reports, so if anyone knows if the “A” pups (Arby, Angorra, Augusta, Antonia) went IFT or were dropped early like my boy, let me know…. That’s it for the “A”s!!


7 Responses

  1. such beautiful puppies! You had me confused there for a second because Angel also had siblings named Augusta and Arby.

  2. What pretty puppies!!! Cataracts must have run in their lines. That is interesting that they still used America as a breeder!

    ~Taelor and Franklin~

  3. I enjoyed reading about Arturo’s litter. I was thinking of him recently because Canada had a diver named Arturo competing in the Olympics.

  4. I did some quick little research 🙂

    Arby (raised in North Valley Guides/Butte County, CA)–first on reports 10/26/06, dropped off reports after 12/7/06, phase 3
    Angora–first on reports 11/2/06, dropped off reports after 3/8/07, phase 9
    Augusta–first on report 11/2/06, dropped off reports after 11/2/06, phase 1
    Antonia (raised in Modesto 4-H Guide Dog Club/Stanislaus County, CA)–first on report 11/2/06, dropped off reports after 3/1/07, phase 9

  5. They are all so pretty. Yay for “A” litters. 🙂

  6. Yay for the A litter! They are all very cute. Can’t wait to hear about the P litter next!

  7. You have a lovely dogs. I love to have a Dog like Arturo He looks like our pet jericho. I miss that dog. I wish I have a dog like yours. dogs gives us happiness and they never fail to give us joy.

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