Phase Reports

I decided, I hate phase reports. Not as a general rule, but just right now. I bet Anna and Coreena have been feeling the same way. The phase 10 dogs can’t go anywhere else, so now we wait for a phone call…. ugh. So much for the eager anticipation of Thursdays.

I sit. And I wait. And Lawrence sits. And waits.

It’s horrible.

Bono-MLGX-phase 5

Lawrence-MYL-phase 10

Remington-MYL-phase 10

Sakino-MBL-phase 4

 Oh! I’m not the one in this picture..


One Response

  1. Agreed! I HATE Thursdays! I’m requesting the next probably 4 graduations off of work though, just in case! *wink* I hate waiting!

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