Ugga Bugga

I am seriously this close (see how tiny of a gap there is between my fingers??) to calling GDB and asking what’s up with Lawrence. I know…I’m being impatient. He’s been in phase 10 for 3 graduations. I’m not so much concerned about whether or not he’ll graduate, I’m more worried about if I’ll hear about it. Since I was only his starter raiser, and I didn’t get the little certificate and pin, etc. like I did with my other two puppies, and I had him just a month, I’m not sure how much of “my” dog he is. How much am I considered a raiser? Will my leaders give me the call when he’s been put IN CLASS? Or will I just see it on the puppy report? If he gets cc’d will I get second chance to take him back or hear if he gets adopted by his 2nd family? This is driving me crazy. I can’t wait for his status to be decided just so I know.Β It’ll be easier with Pomona. IF she makes it to advanced training (and from what I know of her, that’s a BIG if) then I know I’ll get the call about her if she gets cc’d or put in class. She was definitely considered one of “my” puppies. A transfer, not a starter. Ug. Sorry for the vent, but it’s really frustrating me. Silly Lawrie……..PLEAAAAASE make it In Class with Fillmore for September!!! I’ll wait till October graduation. If he doesn’t make it there, I’m calling GDB.

Rant off. πŸ˜€

Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day!! I went hiking with my grandma. Well, my family hiked, and my grandma and I slept in the car and then walked around for a little while. I hate hiking. I swear I was born in the wrong state. It was really too bad I didn’t have a puppy….it would have made me a lot more adventurous. πŸ™‚ My next pup comes at the end of this month, but I’ll have my trip to Cali inbetween now and then….woot woot.

Happy first day of school (tomorrow and the day after) to a lot of you!!!! …………I don’t start till September 22nd πŸ˜›


4 Responses

  1. I can totally understand your frustration. Some dogs spend a LONG time in the final phase of training. Hopefully he will get in the retrain class this month. πŸ™‚

  2. Agreed! I have all the same feelings, although wouldn’t put it past the local leader to actuallly not tell me! I didn’t even get a phase report for last week…. it’s been like that the entire time Loden has been in formal training, I may get a phase report, but by no means is it gauranteed…. *sigh* Come on boys, you can do it!

  3. I do hope they tell you!
    I am the same way about going different things…If I have a puppy with me LETS ROLL!
    If not…. ..I”ll pass ha ha ha

  4. I am sure they will tell you if he is in class. I know a lot of the dogs that just graduated in OR have been been in phase 10 since february! Hopefully he is matched soon! Another option is that they have someone in mind for him, and that person can’t come to class yet.

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