Thank you!!

Big thanks to Madison for the great header!!! I know a couple of you are taking me up on the challenge and designing headers, too, so I’m excited to be able to change headers around!! Thanks so much guys!!

Just FYI, the size is 700×200 or it won’t look right.

Festival was a sweetie. He is on “high-value food reward” because he apparently will just stop when he’s out in public. I didn’t have that problem, and we didn’t even use food in one of the places we went. So hopefully he’s getting better. But he just cuddled and played with toys. He’s so sweet. No pictures, since I only spent about 4 hours with him, but I promise I’ll have some of the next pup who comes (on Monday!)


3 Responses

  1. I love your new header! The only problem is…. can’t access your pages! 😦

  2. The new header looks great! Good job Madison! We can’t wait to see any new headers as well.

  3. Ooooh very nice header!!! I likey!

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