Happy Halloweeeeeeen!!!

Hope you guys all have a great (and safe) Halloween!!!

Here’s my puppy costume pictures from….2 and 3 years ago. I was blessed to have Arturo for 2 Halloweens.

The first year (terrible picture) I was a princess, and he was my frog prince (complete with “Kiss Me” written on the sides of the frog costume

The year after, I went as an athlete, and he was a referee…the costume we had used in 4-H state fair a few days earlier πŸ˜€

And this is him trying it on at home… “mom, are you SERIOUS?????

“Fine. Whatever.”

I love that dog


100th Post!!

Wow I can’t believe I’ve reached 100 posts….weeiirrdd…

Well with his raiser’s permission, I’d like to introduce you to Lawrence’s brother, Lorenzo.

Like most of the “L” litter, Lorenzo made it all the way to phase 10. However, he was career changed and is now living with his raisers’ niece.

One thing I’ve noticed about this litter is that they all look so different from eachother!! (Although I haven’t seen any of the girls, the boys are all so different looking…)

Lorenzo (who I think looks a little bit like Kimora)



Weird, huh?

Oh, and Lorenzo’s raisers are now raising this adorable little man, Newby:

And since this is post #100, I thought I’d post pictures (that hopefully I haven’t posted before, lol) of all the dogs who are special to me….being a puppy sitter, there are many πŸ˜€

A is for…

Arturo (my first puppy)

Armand (Arturo’s brother, raised near me by a girl who became a friend because of the boys)

B is for…

Bono (my “demo dog” if I ever had a public speaking event about GDB, which I do a lot, I brought Bono. He was practically perfect. Oh-so-mellow)

Bradford (my “Christmas dog” of ’06…i’ve had a dog every christmas for 3 years)

F is for…

Fantine (the 3rd puppy of Armand’s raiser who spent 3 weeks with me earlier this year…you may remember her πŸ™‚ She’s also Frisco’s sister)

Flynn (a puppy who came up with Lawrence, Fillmore’s brother,Β that I practically co-raised. He spent a little less than a half of his puppy raising days at my house, but we LOVED him)

LΒ is for…

Lantana (a.k.a. Lanabanana or the ADHD teddy bear…Lana is also being raised by a friend, and spends time with me occasionally)

Lawrence (“the little guy”, my first starter puppy and first graduate)

P is for…

Devil. Oh, I mean Pomona (my 3rd puppy, 2nd starter, and……a handful. πŸ˜€ She was my Christmas ’07 puppy)

S is for…

Sakino (another amazing beyond belief puppy…I showed him at 4-H state fair, and he came in first against 6 other puppies in his class. Which is a big accomplishment!)

V is for…

Vortex (I love this dog. He’s my favorite PIT right now. I have an open arrangement with his raiser that if she ever needs him to go somewhere forΒ a day so she can work a full day, that I’ll take him to school with me)

The other dogs who are special to me, are all of your dogs. πŸ˜€ Over the……however long I’ve been blogging, I feel like I know some of you guys and your pups. If someone mentions one of your dogs my immediate reactions is, “Oh! I know him! (or her)…well, technically I don’t, but I know him online!”

I love this community of blogger raisers….you guys are so great. Who knows. Maybe one day you’ll actually get to read about MY dog….#4…. πŸ™‚


Well within the last month, we’ve had two career changes and the promise of two new puppies to our club, and two new graduates along with one more scheduled to graduate in November. It’s been a hoppin’ month. πŸ™‚

In the beginning of the month, we found out that Remington was graduating.

The big guy is now matched with a really nice man. He is the man’s first guide, and will be just fantastic. He was his raiser’s first graduate out of 7 puppies raised, so it was a big event for them. They actually were our old co-leaders, and flew out from Boston to be there for the ceremony. So besides getting to see Remington graduate, we also got to see old friends!

Also graduated in the October class was my boy, Lawrence (of course)

Right before graduation, it was announced that Pace had been career changed and would be taken to GDB for placement…

His family will be recieving one of the new babies coming to our club, a FYL “T” arriving by plane in a few days.

Just today, Gaston was career changed also. Although it didn’t come as much of a surprise (Pace’s career change didn’t either) it’s still sad. But his raisers are very very excited to adopt him.

His raisers will be recieving the other promised puppy, one of the 3/4 golden, 1/4 lab crosses. I believe it will be a female….

Also, IN CLASS this month is MBLGX Bono

He will be his raiser’s first graduate out of 4 (they’re on their 5th)


So it’s been a big month for us…

graduates (or soon-to-be-graduates): 3

career changes: 2

new puppies (or ones coming in the near future): 2

Interesting Test…

Someone forwarded this to me. I thought it was really interesting. It is a quiz that tests if you would agree with Obama’s position or not. A lot of people are voting for him that don’t know exactly what he wants to do (or not to do). So take the test if you’re voting this election…. It helped me know more clearly who to vote for…

Since I have a lack of interesting things to talk about….

Let’s do another poll!!! πŸ˜€

“not home yet” means you’re expecting a puppy in the near future

It’s over

Well, graduation is officially over. Lawrence and his partner are back home, and I’m sure they’re havingΒ a good ‘ol time.

I’m creating a password protected page for Lawrence’s graduation and pictures since they involve people pictures that I don’t want to post publicly. So if you’d like to see the page, comment, and have your e-mail address in the required field, and I’ll e-mail you the password. πŸ™‚

Pre-Graduation jitters

Well…the graduation is tomorrow. πŸ˜€ I know I’m going to get 5 thousand comments saying “everything will be fine” but here’s what I’m thinking/worrying about…

  • I was supposed to call Lawrence’s partner last night at about 5. Things happened and I didn’t get a chance to call until later, and he was busy. I was supposed to call at 2. The girl replacing me at work didn’t get there till 2:30, so I couldn’t call till 3. Then I get an e-mail saying that he couldn’t talk to me until 5 anyway. I feel like such a flake. I hope he doesn’t think I don’t care, cause I do, I am just a very hard person to get a hold of by phone. πŸ™‚
  • My camera. It’s stupid. sometimes the flash doesn’t work. sometimes it does. So I might have to have my dad use his camera which isn’t as good as mine, but hey…it’s pictures.
  • I have to straighten my hair tonight, but I might be baby-sitting last minute
  • I finished the scrapbook, but I wanted to get pictures before I gave it to him, and the whole stupid camera thing……
  • Of course there’s the things about saying something totatlly stupid, or forgetting what I was going to say on stage.
  • And especially with being the starter raiser, I don’t want to take away from Whitney’s experience at all, so I’ll have to be really careful. But at the same time, honestly, I’m a tad bit jealous, because I could have finished Lawrence off myself if he hadn’t been promised to her. So I wouldn’t have had to be so careful
  • A million little things are buzzing through my head like if I’ll be able to get a picture or 2 of Lester for Kushal, how the whole 2 graduates thing will work for our club, cause I don’t think we’ve ever had 2 graduate at the same time, and if I’ll be able to get good pictures. The guy lives far away. I definitely will need good pictures.
  • Plus there’s the whole thing about will he keep in touch with me? I’d love that more than anything, but my experience with Arturo has taught me to expect the worst.

*sigh* there’s my little rant. Obviously I’m a little nervous, but at the same time I’m so excited, I’m kind of forgetting to be nervous. We’ll see……Definitely let me know if any of you will be at the graduation tomorrow….I’d love to say hi! You’ll know who I am, but I won’t know who you are πŸ™‚

Oh, and I love these polls, so here’s another one! And since I can’t see who voted what, if you could comment with your answer, that would be fantasmagorical