Question for my speech class

Well not much going on here…except I have Vortex, and I’ll post about him later. But, question for you all. For my speech class, we all have to pick a topic and present 3 speeches on it. My topic is whether or not service dogs (in general) should have to go through a mandatory test over the basics that will show they know enough to not be a nuisance in public. What are your thoughts?

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  1. I think they should. Service dogs are a mobility or saftey (in essence) device. No other device used to mitigate disabilities is about to be used without going through numerous tests and regulations to make sure they are safe and operable. I think dogs have to be reliable, voice controlled and controllable if they are too be allowed to be used as disability devices. Not saying that every dog is voice controllable, but all dogs in public should be controllable and reliable.

  2. Yes, I think that it should be a national requirement!

  3. I don’t feel they should go through a “test”, because that will be proven during training..
    people have a different opinion on WHAT being a nuisance is…too some people may think a dog shift around, shifting, or grunting in its sleep may be a nuisance..while other people think having the dog there PERIOD, would be a nuisance…I don’t think anyone would ever be satisfied, and would be a waste of time.

    Just my opinion.

  4. It couldn’t hurt… Any accredited organization does that anyway.

    Can we have one for parents too before they are allowed to take their kids in public!? 😀

  5. I think that requiring a “test” or certification for service dogs would place too much of a burden on those who need them. The big orginizations do have public access requirments, but many service dogs are actually trained by their owners and do not pass through a program. This does not nessecarly mean that they do not have the same quality of training: in fact it may mean they have more thourough and personalized training than a program dog. Yes there are SDs that are not up to public acceess standards, (both Owner trained and program dogs), and they do make access more difficult for all service dog teams. But if a national mandate were put in place, it would then make it difficult, if not impossible for disabled individuals to train their own service dogs.
    WHO would mandate what dogs passed and which ones did not. WHERE would this testing take place? HOW much would this cost? (Many QPWD are on extremely limited budgets, many do not have private transportation.) These are all factors to consider when looking at mandatory certification. People will always find a way to cheat the system, and for one reason or another, there will always be dogs that do not quite meet the standards. But the majority of SDs are wonderful examples of what a SD should be, and havig the felxibility to train one’s own dog opens the door to having one of these incrediable dogs.

  6. Hmmm, I’m not sure.

    With dogs from guide/service dog schools: NO, because the trainers have already evaluated all of their behaviors that would cause problems. Those dogs with issues were CC’d. The test would be annoying for blind people to have to take their dog through.

    With dogs that are just pets that help their owners with mild issues (like anxiety): YES, because those dogs haven’t gone through a strict training program like the dogs from schools have. They may have issues that would give service dogs in general a bad reputation.

    Hope that helped. Good luck on your speech, and have fun with Mr. Vortex!!

  7. Hi — NEADS is a 30 year old provider of service dogs for deaf and disabled Americans including Veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. We are required to test & certify our ‘teams’ according to Assistance Dog International standards to insure the humans and canines meet specific standards…see this link – – hope this helps you!

    John Moon

  8. Hmm…I do believe it should be a requirement.

    First, program dogs already go through a sort of certification when in the last level of training–they DO go through tests, to make sure they are ready to do whatever they need to do.

    Second, for people that owner train their dogs (not to be snobby…but…) I believe if they have enough money to invest in a decent dog and train it, etc, they should also need to go through some sort of testing (which I know does happen, whether it’s required, possibly only in some places, or not at all, and whatnot I’m not sure).

    The point is, people that don’t have a mound of money and experience, usually go to schools, where THEY have to pass “tests” (ie. good O&M skills for the visually impaired community, to be accepted into school, in order to get a guide) and also the dog has been trained by a professional and like stated before, has already gone through tests.

    Whereas, people who choose to owner train, should have experience, and I can bet that they tend to have more money, if they so wish to owner train, as it IS expensive (more so then going to a school, where they have support), therefore they should also have to have their dogs (and themselves) tested.

    Hopefully that’s not too biased, but I do believe people who owner train do indeed need to have an adequate test. Of course, owner trainers can be wonderful and be a great ambassador for assistance dogs of any kind, and likewise people who get dogs from schools can be bad ambassadors for assistance dogs.

  9. PS…Yay for puppy sitting!

    Also, according to the GPS website, Lester is in class!

    So it looks like Landon, Lassiter, Louisa, and Lourdes (?) were career changed, Lindy’s a guide, and I think Lorenzo’s in class, along with Lester!

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