Well within the last month, we’ve had two career changes and the promise of two new puppies to our club, and two new graduates along with one more scheduled to graduate in November. It’s been a hoppin’ month. 🙂

In the beginning of the month, we found out that Remington was graduating.

The big guy is now matched with a really nice man. He is the man’s first guide, and will be just fantastic. He was his raiser’s first graduate out of 7 puppies raised, so it was a big event for them. They actually were our old co-leaders, and flew out from Boston to be there for the ceremony. So besides getting to see Remington graduate, we also got to see old friends!

Also graduated in the October class was my boy, Lawrence (of course)

Right before graduation, it was announced that Pace had been career changed and would be taken to GDB for placement…

His family will be recieving one of the new babies coming to our club, a FYL “T” arriving by plane in a few days.

Just today, Gaston was career changed also. Although it didn’t come as much of a surprise (Pace’s career change didn’t either) it’s still sad. But his raisers are very very excited to adopt him.

His raisers will be recieving the other promised puppy, one of the 3/4 golden, 1/4 lab crosses. I believe it will be a female….

Also, IN CLASS this month is MBLGX Bono

He will be his raiser’s first graduate out of 4 (they’re on their 5th)


So it’s been a big month for us…

graduates (or soon-to-be-graduates): 3

career changes: 2

new puppies (or ones coming in the near future): 2


6 Responses

  1. That does sound like a big month! Our club is having a similarly eventful month… 1 graduate, 3 career changes, 1 retired guide, 3 recalls, and 4 new puppies!

  2. A great time for a club…..Congrats!

  3. Wow… you guys have been busy!

    Those dogs are going to make such a difference to their people in need.


  4. Sound like a very eventful month. I don’t think our club has seen that much action in one month. Well there this summer from the end of June to the beginning of August we had 1 career change a week for a total of six. Jeepers, that was disappointing. So far this month we have one pup in class, one career change, and one new pup coming. (Two of those are mine too, but not the in class puppy. *sigh*

  5. That is a busy month! Our club is on a “boring” streak right now…no upcoming recalls, no upcoming puppies, no upcoming graduates, but possibly a CC soon. 😦

  6. You guys are my heroes!

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