December 5th Truck??

I don’t know who all is in this area who views my blog, but is anyone going to the December 5th Redmond Town Center puppy truck??? I’m really hoping I can make it, and things are looking bright. It’s right on my way home from school, and I’d love to meet the new “M” girl coming to our club. (and document the other pups that come on the truck for those of you who keep track of the littermates)

If you are coming let me know. I’ll be the puppy-less one crying in the corner because she can’t get a baby pup. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Mellow Fellow


Fellow is very calm and laid-back. BUT, I’m looking forward to taking Vortex again. I love that little puppy. Fellow is so so so calm that heย almost has no personality. I like Vortex’s spunky personality. ๐Ÿ˜€

SAT scores

Ok, I know this isn’t guide dog related, but the only news I have on that front is that Fellow is coming to school with me tomorrow, not Vortex, and I continue to love that little black dog (Vortex) more than anything right now.

BUT today I got my SAT scores!! I’m a terrible test taker, and I haven’t actually had all the math that’s on the test. BUT, I somehow managed to eek out decent enough scores to get the biggest academic scholarship at CBU if I pull my GPA up a few points. Which is doable, but will take work. Anyway I’m excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t expect to do nearly as well as I did. 93 percentile in Critical Reading, 60 percentile in Math, and 86 percentile in Writing with an 8 on my essay. ๐Ÿ˜€

Vortex Returns

Well it looks like it may become routine. Vortex is now my school buddy (at least on Monday, Thursday, and Friday..Tuesdays and Wednesdays might not work). EDIT: The official word is: he’s coming Mon, Thurs, and Fri of every week until the quarter ends on Dec 5th… then I get Tianna Dec 11th-Jan 5th ๐Ÿ™‚

He’s really people distracted–it’s a whole new experience for me. I’ve had dog distracted, food distracted, and solicitous, but never THIS people distracted. But despite that, he’s great. He’s on food reward. I think that this whole school thing is helping him get over his people disraction. After my first hour, he was great at school. Still distracted, but just minimally. He’s a great little dog…







It was perfect weather to get pictures of a black lab outside, so of course I had to get some of my little stud muffin.

While I was at school, I just happen, juuuuuust happenย  to see this gorgeous little golden.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT take these pictures…..I was holding the little lady’s leash. ๐Ÿ˜€



And yes, this is Lantana. She’s grown up quite a bit in age, but she’s still soooo petite!!! But she has a big personality ๐Ÿ˜€ It was her first day at school, and being a golden, there was some concern about how she’d do. Her raiser said she was doing really well, so hopefully she’ll get to join the black boys duo on campus, and turn it into a perfect trio of GDB pups.

2 years ago today…

I got the dreaded call from my guide dog leaders. Actually, my mom was the one who talked to them. I don’t think they wanted to be the one to tell me. Arturo was career changed for the potential of breed specific cataracts. Of course, it broke my heart.


This gorgeous boy didn’t even get to make the decision of whether or not to be a guide dog. It was made from the day he was born. Then, after the news, came the “what to do with him now” decision. After a couple of potential families in the area didn’t work out, we decided to let GDB place him.

I don’t regret having GDB place him, but it’s still hard that he lives so far. Even though the pain has lessened over the years, Iย miss my big baby so much. …..I don’t have his owner’s e-mail address on this computer…..I’ll have to switch it over and ask how he’s doing. ๐Ÿ™‚



Love you big guy!

I’m on a roll!!

Posting every day! Even when I don’t have a dog! this is fantastic!! lol

I took Vortex to school as I said I would. He was great. He’s very very very people distracted, so we did a lot of work with that. He’s on food reward for people distraction. I love food reward. So we worked with some of my classmates and friends and he’s better than he used to be. But still not perfect, of course. He’s only 7 months old.

I talked to his raiser, and I’ll be taking him back on Tuesday. Monday I am giving my speech, so I can’t do it. It seems like it’ll work for the rest of the quarter.

I might also be getting Fellow at the end of the week. So we’ll see….and Lantana might be coming to school this week, also. I should get Abby to bring Lana on Wednesday and then we’ll have 3 puppies on campus: Vortex, Lana, and George. ๐Ÿ˜€

I didn’t get any pictures, sadly, but I’ll try to get some next Tuesday. Tex is certainly a gorgeous boy. ๐Ÿ™‚


Vortex’s raiser is a highschool counselor, and the district won’t allow her to bring Vortex with her anymore. Apparently, the district just passed a law which won’t allow ANY animals in school. It’s sad.ย So to accomodate Vortex, who she got with the understanding she could bring him to school, she has to cut her work day in half. She goes to work, and then half way through goes home and deals with Vortex. Then she goes back in the evening.

So he’s coming to school with me for the day, tomorrow. I pick him up at 6:30am and wil drop him off at 12. He was the perfect student last time, and I told my classmates and profs that I would be bringing him back tomorrow. They’re all thrilled.

I’m thinking, if it works out, that I’ll see if Cathy (his raiser) would like me to take Tex to school every day. Except when I’m puppy-sitting or delivering a speech or something. It would be fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this dog.