2 years ago today…

I got the dreaded call from my guide dog leaders. Actually, my mom was the one who talked to them. I don’t think they wanted to be the one to tell me. Arturo was career changed for the potential of breed specific cataracts. Of course, it broke my heart.


This gorgeous boy didn’t even get to make the decision of whether or not to be a guide dog. It was made from the day he was born. Then, after the news, came the “what to do with him now” decision. After a couple of potential families in the area didn’t work out, we decided to let GDB place him.

I don’t regret having GDB place him, but it’s still hard that he lives so far. Even though the pain has lessened over the years, I miss my big baby so much. …..I don’t have his owner’s e-mail address on this computer…..I’ll have to switch it over and ask how he’s doing. 🙂



Love you big guy!


6 Responses

  1. Such a handsome boy!! You did a good job with Iverson’s half-brother Anna! Hugs to you and the handsome guy!

  2. That’s NOT a fun call to get. 😦 I’m sure the handsome boy is making his new owners very happy, though!

  3. Yep, I have had that call several times and it never gets easier. I am sure he is having the time of his life though. It seems like the best dogs don’t get to decide (like Sherman) it’s too bad because they would make such good guides, but god obviously has different plans for them.

  4. Aww…My leaders didn’t want to tell me about Chappelle either, so they told my dad. 🙂 Good job at raising Arturo, even though his health prevented him from becoming a guide, I know it doesn’t prevent him from being an amazing pet! 😀

  5. I hate THAT call! Arturo was a great dog…but there not all guides! The world need some great GDB COC pets! Great job….you should still be proud of yourself!

  6. I can say the same… my leaders told my mom. I know he is an awesome pet, and though he didn’t choose his path, this is where he belongs! Good job on raising such a great pet 🙂 It did change someone’s life for the better.

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