After a few days…

Yesterday was very…interesting. We lost power for the entire night which can be a challenge even without a puppy. But after I got home from work, my parents put out the kerosene lamps and so we had light in our big room. Man, was Tianna happy to be able to play!! Today her raisers are taking her to get her 16-week shots and will probably have her overnight, as I have a meeting I have to go to at someone’s house, and they can’t have a dog in their house.

She seems to “get” everything that she is corrected for. Very smart little puppy. I’ve been working on not mouthing (I’m pretty sure that’s a dominance thing at her age. And she probably doesn’t do it at home. Just testing out a new handler) and as we haven’t gone on any outings to speak of, she’s also learning the ropes about how we do tie-downs and crate time at my house. That’s what I love about puppy-sitting. By the time she goes through her training, she’ll have had several different sitters who all have a different lifestyle and a different way of training. And the people she works with down at the campus will be even different, and eventually, her blind partner, will also be different, with a new lifestyle and way of training.

In response to a comment I recieved earlier which I didn’t post because it was anonymous, I don’t think it’s my job to “whip her in to shape” persay. That’s something her raiser family started when they got her off the plane last month. I have a very different approach to working with dogs than they do, and they have a different approach than other raisers in our club. We’re all different. As far as referring to this as “puppy bootcamp” all I meant was that I don’t let puppies get away with things just because they’re puppies. I’ve raised 2 starter pups (I had them for the first month or two) and when you work with young dogs consistently, you begin to learn what you can expect from them. I expect no less from Tianna than I did of Lawrence or Pomona. When I had Arturo, I got busy and didn’t work with him as much as I should have as a puppy.  But since I haven’t raised in a while, I love getting pups and working them hard for a few weeks. I have a different energy than someone who has been raising non-stop for years.

So anyway, hopefully after my little brother’s party, I’ll post pictures. I HAVE some, but don’t have enough time to sort through them…. caio!!

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  1. Puppysitting is so fun when you haven’t been raising! It makes you appreciate all the little things about your puppy. 🙂

  2. When I was puppy-sitting for GDB they referred to my house as “puppy bootcamp”. In fact, people would specifically request their pups come to Coreena and I because we are used to difficult dogs and staying on top of them. (We did, afterall, learn to handle on a standard poodle) So, never stop using that term, it’s, I’m sure, very accurate and useful! *Grins*

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