Vortex made it into Community Connections!

My little favorite made it into the GDB Community Connections newsletter! I sent in the picture of him at school, and Sarah loved it, so now he’s famous. 🙂

You can see it here: http://www.guidedogs.com/site/DocServer/comm-conn-2008-dec.pdf

In other news, I’m puppy-less, but still thinking Tianna should be here. I got home from the mall today and almost went to my room to get her out of the crate. 😦 But it’s kind of nice at the same time. No 7am breakfast anymore!!

I don’t have any immediate puppy-sitting on the horizon, because apparently I didn’t scoop her little business fast enough for my parents, so I don’t get a puppy this month. (it was supposed to be for the month of Feb, but since Tianna left early I think I can do a Feb pup). I’m pretty sure I’m getting Festival in March. But I apparently need to go to meetings more often. It’s been really hard since my parents go to evening church which is exactly when our meetings are. But I’m working something out with my leaders. They want me to come more often, and I want to come more, too!! I always feel a little left out when I do go to meetings because we have a ton of new people who I don’t know. And they’re always handling puppies to get more experience. Since I don’t NEED to handle puppies, I let them do it all. The other weird thing is that all these new families (there are 3 or 4!) only know me as a puppy-sitter. They have no idea about the 3 pups I’ve raised. *sigh* I feel so ordinary. lol.


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