Vortex (again) and poll

Well Tex gets to come to school tomorrow!! YAY! I can’t wait. Our territory is also having a Territory Training Day, and I found out one of my fellow bloggers will also be there. So hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet up and actually see eachother in person 😀 I just love Guide Dogs and their community!

Here’s a poll that shouldn’t take too much thought


5 Responses

  1. I didn’t like Iverson or Loden’s names to begin with, but love them now, they totally fit them! I would much rather raise a pup with a name that I don’t like to begin with vs. a 4-er

  2. I think I voted the opposite of what I meant! Oops! That will be fun to meet another puppy blogger! I’ve met a few and have even become “real life” friends with one… definitely a great community!

    Have fun with Vortex tomorrow! Douglas has been off with his new co-raiser this week and I’ve been having major puppy at school withdrawal! I don’t miss him at home so much, but I really miss him at school.

  3. Interesting. I would much rather raise a pup with a good name that was hard to pronounce/explain. My favorites have been some ones that would be hard to say fast (like for “L” I wanted Liberty) but I just loved the names.

  4. I definately would rather have a hard name that I liked rather then one I didnt like. I have a 4-er and I love his name!! I have also had ared to explain names or in Wrens case have to say it over and over I finally started convos with “her name is Wren like the bird”.

  5. I’m excited to meet you! 🙂 I’ll see you on Sunday.

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