School with puppy tomorrow, hopefully meeting with CFR a week from today to talk about that particular puppy. Great day.

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  1. This one was interesting because I’ve only had one male and all the rest have been girls because I asked for them. But I think next time (in a year or so) I would rather raise a male. I want a big dog, not my little 40 pounders.

  2. I like both, and like to have a variety, but if I had to choose one, I think I’d go for a girl.

  3. Hmm… this is a tough one!! I love my girls, Cordova, Suede, and Tahoe. But I’m REALLY loving my big boy Burgess too 🙂 So really, I don’t know. But for my next pup, I’ve requested a Male cross. So I voted Male… but then I think I’m going back to a female after said cross pup 😉

  4. I just couldn’t participate in this poll! My puppies (including the one who’s not yet here) have been an even two males, two females. I love them ALL dearly. I’ve actually never been gender-specific in my requests…males and females both make excellent PITs. 😀

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