The pictures are up! They’re on a tab at the top of this page. Like before, with Lawrence’s grad page, leave me a comment and just make sure your e-mail address is in the box for “e-mail” and I’ll send you the password.


Chewing Stories

You know how everyone has their share of chewing stories? Well I’ve definitely had my share. But Vortex gave me a whole new one….

Tex generally has fantastic house mannners. He’s allowed loose in my house, as long as the garbage cans are hiddden 😀 So he was off doing his thing, and then I went into my room to grab something before I headed off to work. On the floor of my room, I noticed a piece of shredded paper. On closer inspection, I discovered that my dearest darlingest little man had shredded and partly ingested my paycheck. So now I have to go back to my boss and explain. What’s the only thing that sounds more lame than ‘my dog ate my homework?’ … dog ate my paycheck. ) 0_o

Sunshine gives me a lovely day!!!

Well it’s beautiful and sunny (and warm!) here in Seattle. The greatest day I could have asked for to get my pictures taken with Vortex. We’ll see how he does. I’m waiting to give him his dinner until after the shoot, and we’ll have food to bribe him if we need it. 🙂

The snap around collar…It’s somewhat new, I believe. It kind of works like a training collar. It’s a nylon cord that loops around and clips really tightly behind his ears. You know that sensative area where if you move the training collar all the way up, it gets good results? That’s where the snap around collar goes. It’s so tight though that you don’t correct the same way, it’s kind of a little tug instead of a sharp snap. Tex’s neck was getting really tough and so corrections didn’t work. This works great! it makes him act almost like a head collar did, but without the whole face piece and rubbing. I never really take it off. It’s so tight it won’t slip down and get tangled or anything. And it’s black! So you can’t really see it unless you’re looking 🙂

Oh and here’s a poll idea that Megan and Fullerton gave me:

Anna is: Falling in Love again


Today I abducted puppious wonderfulous Vortexus. He has one of those cool snap-around collars and it’s so great for him. That was one of the things we did with our meeting with our CFR. He’s fantastic so far. I’m getting my senior pictures taken with him tomorrow and once I get digital copies of them I’ll create a private page. Just ask for the password and I’ll give it to ya! I’ll let you know when they’re up.

He’s settled right in. This IS his second home after all 🙂




I can’t believe..

that Pomona is being recalled this weekend!! Wow! It’s been so so so long since I saw her, and I was so sure she would NEVER make it to recall. She’s one lucky girl to have such patient raisers.




Vortex comes for the weekend tomorrow! Happy happy Anna 🙂 Our club’s outing is to a doggie spa, where they’re going to attempt to teach our dogs to swim. Good luck with that–Vortex hates water!

Arturo is turning 4 in May! Can it be? I really don’t believe it. I feel like I missed a birthday somewhere in there….I’m attempting to find all his siblings (again, lol). I got pictures of both Arby and America from a MySpace page which I knew were there, but couldn’t access until now. Except the pictures are really small….I’m going to try to get pictures of as many siblings as I can for Artu’s birthday this year. Gah I miss that dog.

That’s about it. Don’t forget tomorrow is International Wear Your Puppy Raiser Shirt Day!!

If you’re happy and you know it…

Well, not much to update on the puppy front. The meeting with Vortex and our CFR went really well. He’s coming to visit next week for a few days. I’m definitely looking forward to having him!!!

We got a new car…but it’s not on our insurance yet, so I can’t drive it until Monday. 😦 So for now I’m stuck in the freezing cold car (literally freezing cold). But it’s ok. I’ll be fine. Oh yeah, and it snowed yesterday.

Aaand I’m pretty sure that Lawrence is the best guide dog ever. lol. His person’s friend took a video of them working a certain crossing that he was having trouble with. They posted it on SendSpace if you’re curious…it’s a big file but definitely worth it, as he’s the cutest, most wonderfullest, best guide dog ever!!!! 😉

Demo Dog?

Today was the Oregon Graduation. Anyone know who the demo dog was??