And just when I didn’t think anything exciting could happen…

Life has been way too normal recently. Besides my upcoming midterm (tomorrow) life was pretty out of the ordinary. So, today, that had to change of course. My parent’s car (that I drive everywhere) got a radiator leak half way home from school. I have a half-hour commute to school and so I was about 15 minutes from work (where I was supposed to be in 30 minutes). But that should be doable, right? haha, this is ME we’re talking about. My mom happened to be half an hour from home in the opposite direction, so 45 minutes from where I was. So all things put together, I had to drive to the car repair place (which was fortunately just a few minutes away) and that is where I’m now sitting, until my mom gets here. I called her at 11:45, and it’s 12:15 now so I probably have another 15 minutes to half-hour to wait. Fortunately for me I had my laptop with me and the waiting room has internet service 😀

I was really glad I didn’t have a dog with me!!! Vortex cannot come to school anymore unless I’m already puppy-sitting him. My parents feel that he’s too much fun, and I need to be studying–not having fun………………it confuses me, too. But I AM puppy-sitting him in a few weeks so that’ll be great. And today we’re meeting with our leaders and CFR to work with him.  ..that is IF I have a way to get there. lol


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