I can’t believe..

that Pomona is being recalled this weekend!! Wow! It’s been so so so long since I saw her, and I was so sure she would NEVER make it to recall. She’s one lucky girl to have such patient raisers.




Vortex comes for the weekend tomorrow! Happy happy Anna 🙂 Our club’s outing is to a doggie spa, where they’re going to attempt to teach our dogs to swim. Good luck with that–Vortex hates water!

Arturo is turning 4 in May! Can it be? I really don’t believe it. I feel like I missed a birthday somewhere in there….I’m attempting to find all his siblings (again, lol). I got pictures of both Arby and America from a MySpace page which I knew were there, but couldn’t access until now. Except the pictures are really small….I’m going to try to get pictures of as many siblings as I can for Artu’s birthday this year. Gah I miss that dog.

That’s about it. Don’t forget tomorrow is International Wear Your Puppy Raiser Shirt Day!!


2 Responses

  1. Way to go Pomona! Just goes to show that you never really know how they will turn out, and that patience can really pay off! Good luck to her in training!

  2. Hi there Anna,
    I’ve been following your blog recently. I’m a GDB raiser, currently have Columbo. Arby and America were raised in my club North Valley Guides in Chico, CA. I’ve since then moved and am now in Gold Rush Guides, but if you’d like I can probably dig up some pictures of both of them! Just come leave a comment on my blog and leave me your email or something.
    Kaitlyn & Columbo

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