Anna is: Falling in Love again


Today I abducted puppious wonderfulous Vortexus. He has one of those cool snap-around collars and it’s so great for him. That was one of the things we did with our meeting with our CFR. He’s fantastic so far. I’m getting my senior pictures taken with him tomorrow and once I get digital copies of them I’ll create a private page. Just ask for the password and I’ll give it to ya! I’ll let you know when they’re up.

He’s settled right in. This IS his second home after all 🙂





6 Responses

  1. I love your blog — especially the photos. And the polls! Lots of fun!

  2. Thanks! I should get back to doing daily polls…I ran out of ideas 🙂

  3. Here is a poll idea, Do you: Put your puppies adult collar on as soon as it fits or wait until the puppy is bursting out of the baby collar to make the switch? LOL Anywho, just wanted to say that Vortex is gorgeous and he is loosing so much of his puppy look, he is like, a little man now. *sniff* Just out of curiosity, what is the snap around collar? I have not heard or seen one before. And *takes big breath* I would love to see your senior pictures when you get them. I took my senior pictures with my first puppy, Prudy and I love them, she was about 10 weeks old or so. 🙂

  4. great idea! I’ll use that question in my next post, tomorrow 🙂 And I’ll explain the snap around collar then, too.

  5. Oh, I was going to ask about the snap around collar too! Vortex really is looking grown up! He will be so handsome in your pictures!

  6. Vortex will look stunning in your pictures, I’m sure. 🙂 He is getting sooooo handsome and grown up looking. I love his shiny black coat!

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