Sunshine gives me a lovely day!!!

Well it’s beautiful and sunny (and warm!) here in Seattle. The greatest day I could have asked for to get my pictures taken with Vortex. We’ll see how he does. I’m waiting to give him his dinner until after the shoot, and we’ll have food to bribe him if we need it. 🙂

The snap around collar…It’s somewhat new, I believe. It kind of works like a training collar. It’s a nylon cord that loops around and clips really tightly behind his ears. You know that sensative area where if you move the training collar all the way up, it gets good results? That’s where the snap around collar goes. It’s so tight though that you don’t correct the same way, it’s kind of a little tug instead of a sharp snap. Tex’s neck was getting really tough and so corrections didn’t work. This works great! it makes him act almost like a head collar did, but without the whole face piece and rubbing. I never really take it off. It’s so tight it won’t slip down and get tangled or anything. And it’s black! So you can’t really see it unless you’re looking 🙂

Oh and here’s a poll idea that Megan and Fullerton gave me:

3 Responses

  1. We switched Iverson over before he fit into his adult collar and just put a safety nylon slip collar on him with it in case it came off. He needed the extra “umph” (I guess :-S) the adult collar gave him!

  2. Who are Vortex’s parents? His head looks soo much like a little Hobbs puppy I know!

    Good to hear the snap collar is working for him!

  3. I wait until the last possible second to make the switch. To me the Adult collar signifies that my dog is getting much too big and old. I just switched Fuller over, his baby collar is starting to look a tad rediculous. But, Adeline was still in her baby collar when she was 8 months old then I finally came to grips and decided she needed her adult collar on. She could still fit in her baby collar when she left though. 😀

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