Chewing Stories

You know how everyone has their share of chewing stories? Well I’ve definitely had my share. But Vortex gave me a whole new one….

Tex generally has fantastic house mannners. He’s allowed loose in my house, as long as the garbage cans are hiddden 😀 So he was off doing his thing, and then I went into my room to grab something before I headed off to work. On the floor of my room, I noticed a piece of shredded paper. On closer inspection, I discovered that my dearest darlingest little man had shredded and partly ingested my paycheck. So now I have to go back to my boss and explain. What’s the only thing that sounds more lame than ‘my dog ate my homework?’ … dog ate my paycheck. ) 0_o


2 Responses

  1. Ugh. A dog of mine once partially chewed up a $1 bill. At least it wasn’t my paycheck. :S

  2. EESH!! Thats no good! Hope you can get your paycheck back. I once had a puppy chew up a $100 bill and we could only find 1/3 of it so the bank would not replace it. 😦 My mom was not happy about that. I also had a puppy chew up my car registration the day after I got it, I was pretty mad and it was a PAIN to get a replacement, and cost a ton of money too!

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