Even though I totally thought I’d be fine with Pomona’s career change, since I didn’t really expect her to make it, I’m really sad about it. It’s so pathetic. Apparently even my CFR was bummed because she had overcome SO MUCH and become a great girlie. ugggggg…..stupid.


2 Responses

  1. Health career changes are so hard because most of these dogs would be WONDERFUL guides but they can’t. Behavioral is more of the dog saying “I don’t want to do this”. You know with behavioral CC’s that they will be happy at home, with medical, you never know what they wanted to do.

  2. I’m really very sorry to hear about Pomona’s career change. Medical career changes are very very hard. I can’t necessarily say the worst, because, like you, I’ve had no other kind. Though I’d like to think that with behaviors, you at least know that they really weren’t meant to be a guide, with medical, you never really know whether they could have done it or not. 🙂 Good job in giving Pomona an amazing start.

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