Pomona has a forever home!

Pomona will be living with the last raisers who worked with her. Not sure who that is, or where they are exactly, but I know she’ll be happy and she must have done something right if they wanted to keep her πŸ˜‰


4 Responses

  1. YAY Mona!!! Glad she has a forever home with someone she know and who knows her. I am sure she will be uber happy!

  2. Pomona LOOKS so sweet, it’s hard to believe she’s such a whippersnapper. My pup Cabana is a bit of one herself. Being a newbie, I learned a lot from reading your blog–thank you! I appreciate your candor. But what is does it mean to raise a starter? Is there a reason why a “regular” puppy raiser wouldn’t start off with the puppy? TIA!

  3. Good job, Pomona! It sounds like she’s matured into a lovely little girl. I really hope you hear something from her. Hopefully she will be an excellent co-raiser for future puppies. πŸ˜€

  4. Glad she has her forever home!

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